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Chinese auto companies will now prefer to hire Indian ople

Considering the situation, Chinese companies will now take thoughtful steps and has decided to recruit more Indians from the factory floor to the board room

New Delhi.There is a lot of resentment among the Indians against China after the fighting between India and Chinese troops in the Galvan Valley on 14 June. People are opposing Chinese products by running a hashtag on social media. In such a situation, the pressure has increased on the Chinese companies present in India. Considering the situation, Chinese companies will now take thoughtful steps here. China's auto company has decided to recruit Indians from the factory floor to the board room.Vansh sangwan has published this report in newsbust.

These companies feel that it is important to involve more and more people at the local level for the long term plan. Industry officials and experts said that the company's strategy has been the same even before the current situation, but now, seeing the situation changing, companies will pay attention to the Indian staff for a long time.

The head of MG Motor India said that 99.5 per cent of the company's employees are Indians. It is the first auto company in China to start a full-fledged operation in the country. Great Wall Motors, Photon and BYD are also adopting a similar strategy. They have a minimum number of employees in China. According to MG Raj India president Rajiv Chhabra, MG Motors in India employs 1,700 employees. It has only 14 exteriors. All the decisions of the company are made by Indian employees.

At the same time, when talking about Chinese auto company Great Wall Motors, more than 90 percent of Indian employees work in this company's Pune factory. In this, people of China will be placed on some important positions. According to a company official, the company will hire pendants. They understand customer needs better. It is easy for them to talk to dealers and vendors. Apart from this, it is also very expensive to keep people here from China.

PMI Electro Mobility Solutions Vice Chairman Anurag Aggarwal said that we have a 70 percent stake in the joint venture. Therefore, apart from technical support, there will be more local people. China's auto company changan automobile executive said that even though the sentiment about Chinese products has reduced among Indian customers today, the quality of Indian manpower will make a big difference.