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Over 76 % of the leaders find online learning effective in their organizations: UpGrad survey

Perspectives from 100 plus organisations across domains like Telecom, Logistics, IT, Automotive, Healthcare, Manufacturing indicate that organizations have increased their budget by 40% in respect of online learning.The pandemic has forced organisations to rethink their approach to upskilling and reskilling.

An insight on how mass adoption of online learning can help organisations achieve it at scale reveal that where Pre covid 29% said that they allocated 40% L&D budget to online learning,today 55.4% new respondents have allocated 80% of L&D budget to online learning.

In this research-backed white paper, upGrad lays out the case for reskilling workforces using optimal learning methodologies as the need of the hour.

Reskilling existing employees is always more economical than hiring new ones. Besides, existing employees are always more invested in the organisations systems and processes, ethos and vision. This is something respondents of upGrads 2020 industry-leading survey of Learning & Development (L&D) and business leaders are very aware of: 87% opine that reskilling is preferred over hiring anew. Says Ronnie Screwvala,chairman and co founder ,UpGrad enterprises in executive summary of the research white paper.

He further adds, The question that confronts enterprise L&D leaders is how the reskilling is to be done. Companies are allocating increased budgets for online learning modes: 37% of our respondents reported increasing their L&D budgets by over 20% in the coming year; 40% of many such budgets are going to online learning.

Post COVID19 the numbers show that the budgets for online learning for many of the respondents have increased to more than 80% of the total L&D budgets.* However, online learning comes with a set of challenges that include low completion rates and indifferent learner engagement.

Innovative learning methodologies in the online format can help L&D leaders deploy effective learning programs for their talent force. Leaders thus help reshape opportunities and enable new career paths for their employees, ultimately bene?ting the enterprise.

Online learning at scale can also help organisations navigate Black Swan events such as the current unprecedented coronavirus pandemic, ensuring learning continuity.