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Awign creates tech platform to enforce, monitor and audit workplace COVID compliance


New Delhi: Awign, has created a  compliance platform called Awign Covid Compliance Platform (ACCP) to ensure that all the guidelines mentioned by the government and health authorities are followed meticulously by organizations and that there are timely audits of compliance measures.


ACCP is a tech-based platform that is simple yet highly effective and easy to deploy in any kind of work environment and modified according to the needs and requirements of on-field norms and workflows. It provides a mobile app-based platform for employers, supervisors and those who are in charge of enforcing protocols. This platform ensures that employees follow the Covid-compliant Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and also deploys Awign’s vast network of gig workers to carry out actual physical audits of enforcement measures.


The platform is easy to operate even by the non tech savvy employees like a security guard. Awign provides end to end training and operational support customized for organizations that deploy this platform. It constantly flags violations of protocols through dashboards, notifications, emails and SMSs to all the stakeholders involved. Finally, periodic and detailed physical audits are undertaken by Awign’s professional auditors who carry out inspections of office premises through both mystery and non-mystery means. The company charges a minimal user based subscription fee from the corporate basis the usage of the platform.


Gurpreet Singh, Co-founder, Awign while sharing about the need for a solution that makes the enforcement of Covid-19 compliance easier says, “Indian Economy is finding a way to work through the unprecedented circumstances. As the factories, warehouses, large corporate offices reopen amidst COVID-19, they need solutions which ensure all regulations and best practices for mitigating COVID-19 are followed every minute. We have built ACCP to this effect and have made sure that our solution is inclusive of all the actual stakeholders who are responsible for COVID compliance at any workspace.”


 Annanya Sarthak, Co-founder, Awign says, “Having created livelihood through 5 million tasks in past 2 years, Awign has now launched ACCP and is impacting the workforce across various industries, enabling a way for them to come back to work and earn a living amidst the pandemic. We aim to scale fast and impact more than a million employees by getting them back to their workspaces in a safe, controlled and monitored environment.”