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Covid pandemic has caused high level of anxiety among people :Survey

During lockdown 1.0 in April, 21 per cent respondents said they were worried or anxious over Covid-19. That percentage increased to 56 per cent in June, when unlock 1.0 was rolled out.

The findings of the survey is based on more than 17,000 responses from 211 districts across the country. A majority of 47 per cent respondents were from the tier-1 cities, followed by 34 per cent from tier-2 and 19 per cent from tier-3, tier-4 and rural areas.

Despite assertions by some public figures and politicians that Covid-19 is mostly a mild influenza-like illness and it should be treated like a common cold, except in some cases of co-morbidities, the coronavirus pandemic has caused immense mental stress among people.

Much of the anxiety could be linked to the timing of lifting lockdown in India as 79 per cent of the participants of the survey said unlock 1.0 will lead to significant increase in Covid-19 cases in the country. India is already at the fifth place and is reporting third highest fresh cases every day now.