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Bobble AI introduces new policies for bolstering WFH Culture; offers allowance for furniture and to cover air-conditioning costs

he Work from Home (WFH) culture is here to stay! What began as a mandatory requirement and a mark of precaution in many companies in India, is now set to be the norm for the coming times. With things changed as quick as the snap of a finger causing myriad of issues, one of the major issues faced by Bobble employees was the unavailability of a proper workspace setup. The company took it on themselves to shoulder the responsibility and find solutions to inoculate employees from the vagaries of the changing work environment so they can focus on their jobs. Ultimately continue to building positive momentum at work and ensure the well-being of our employees despite the distance.


Bobble AI has changed the policy of giving employees an allowance to set-up #office@home.  As the challenging times of COVID-19, lockdown & social distancing unfold, businesses have taken a unique route to stay afloat. With the work from home being the new normal, companies that focus on employee well-being & productivity despite the distance will be the winners in this race. 


We are witnessing the greatest workplace transformation of our lifetime, with a change in how we work, exercise, shop, learn, communicate, and of course, where we work, has changed forever!

As 88% of the workforce work from home, Bobble AI being a torchbearer of transformation is providing employees with a financial grant to help set up an office at home for the employees. Along with the allowance to cover equipment cost, Bobble AI is conducting weekly training sessions and workshops to ensure the psychological and physical well-being of employees. The in-house team of medical professionals is constantly connected to the entire team.


With an effort to build a highly productive environment Bobble AI – a leading tech startup and developers of AI-powered ‘Bobble keyboard’ has rolled out new WFH policies. The new policy enables employees to set-up a workstation at home to combat discomforts such as backaches and neck aches, as a result of prolonged sitting. To fight the Delhi summers the company has advised employees to install ACs and has ensured that it will cover and reimburse operational costs. While all team members are covered for physical health the company has extended the cover to mental health under their “Wellness in Totality” program. Experts are conducting weekly training sessions and workshops to ensure the psychological and physical well-being of employees.


Dr. Rakshita Shharma, Vice President Human Capital, Bobble AI said, “At Bobble AI, our number one priority has always been building a highly productive & challenging environment that brings out the best in people, COVID times are no different for us. We believe that the company’s greatest strength is its team, which is reflected in our people-focused policies. Since day zero, we have had unlimited work from home and leave policy. We trust our team and vice-versa. Our work culture motto is, “Do the right things when nobody is watching you”. This is going to be an era of #Office@Home and we are trailblazers setting up new standards and workplace practices as we evolve through this situation.”,_VP_Human_Capital.jpg

Additionally, the company has launched #GetHiredAtBobble to offer job opportunities in Data Engineering, AI & ML. Bobble AI is inviting applicants to get interviewed by top-class technology & business leaders and prove their mettle.   


On hiring and the current job market scenario Ankit Prasad, Founder, and CEO, Bobble AI said, “Bobble AI takes this as an opportunity to back those extraordinary talents and indulge them into its highly flexible, innovation-driven, and empowering workspace. We are committed to excellence and ensure our newly hired team members graduate risk-free to their full potential, while we take care of everything else that might be bothering them in this fundamentally changed world.”