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Govt. withdraws controversial order of compulsory payment of wages to workers

ovt. By the order dated 17th may extending the nationwide lockdown for a further period up to 31st may, has also  withdrawn all their earlier orders issued under Sec 10(2)(i) of Disaster management Act. It implies that the order dated 29.3.2020 under same provision mandating the employers of all private/public  establishments  not to reduce wages of workers or terminate their employment  and pay their wages by deeming them as on duty.


 Govt. has said its order while issuing fresh guidelines for Lockdowm 4.0 ““Save as otherwise provided in the guidelines annexed to this order, all order issued by the NEC [national executive committee] under Section 10(2)(I) of the Disaster Management (DM) Act, 2005, shall cease to have effect from 18.05.2020.”


 Though this order may not give much relief to employer now in present because most of the industries have now restarted and wages now will be paid on actual presence of workers. However, the order mandating the payment of during the period of lockdown from 25th march to 17thMay will be binding and non payment of wages to workers during this period may attract violation of the said order which is now not in force.


 The controversial order has also been challenged in SC by many industries where Sc on 15th may had passed an order in Punjab mills association that no coercive action be taken against the petitioners( 52) industries for not paying the wages during the period. SC also granted time of one week to Govt.. to file their reply.