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Trade unions call for strike against labour laws suspension on 22 m


Ten central trade unions have given  a call for a nationwide strike on May 22 to protest against the suspension of labour laws by some states during the lockdown period, and also decided to take the matter to International Labour Organisation.

"The joint platform of Central Trade Unions (CTUs) in their meeting held on May 14 , 2020 took note of the critical situation for the working people in the country during the lockdown period and decided to enhance united actions to meet the challenge," a joint statement by 10 CTUs said.


The national-level leaders of the ten trade unions would organize a day-long hunger strike on May 22 at Gandhi Samadhi, Rajghat, New Delhi. Simultaneous protests would be jointly organized in all states.


With one stroke, 38 laws were made defunct in UP for 1,000 days, and only section 5 of Payment of Wages Act 1934, Construction Workers Act 1996, Compensation Act 1993 and Bonded Labour Act 1976 remain functional, it added.


The move came after 8 states-- Gujarat, Himachal Ppradesh Har,ana, Odisha, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Bihar and Punjab -- increased the daily working hours to 12 from 8 earlier through executive order in violation of the Factories Act, taking advantage of the lockdown situation, they said.

The CTUs have also decided to send joint representation to ILO in this regard. They said that suspension of labour laws violates international commitments on labour standards and human rights.

Bhartiya Mazdoor sangh has also given a call for nationwide protest against labour laws suspension on May 20.