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HDB asked around 150 employees to submit resignation or face termination

Had there been no social media platform, world would not have come to many things including the termination of around 150 employees by HDB Financial services. HDFC Bank is the parent company of HDB Financial services.


Sacked employees whose pay ranges around 20k have vented their anger on twitter alleging that they have received calls from their seniors  and HR to put their resignations immediately or face terminations without any notice or giving any reason. Employees have also alleged that due covid 19, they have been sacked. However, the allegations have been rejected by the company saying that Co. has laid off nearly 150 employees after a performance review. The company official said the exercise is part of its regular annual performance review as also there were some ethical issues involved with the employees who have been terminated.


Parent company HDFC bank has said that terminations of the employees have nothing to do with current economic situation. In a statement bank said that what we are seeing is an attempt by handful of disgruntled employees to take advantage of the current situation. This involves a miniscule number  of employees of 1lakh plus  and nothing to do with the ongoing lock down.