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No pay cut for central Govt. employees: Govt

According to various media reports, Finance ministry has clarified that there will be no salary cut for central Govt. employees. There were whispers going on that the central government might impose pay cuts on some categories of central government employees to ease pressure on government's expenditure during lockdown.

"There is no proposal under consideration of Govt for any cut whatsoever in the existing salary of any category of central government employees. The reports in some section of media are false and have no basis whatsoever," the finance ministry said on Twitter.

Last month, the government had frozen dearness allowance (DA) for 50 lakh central government employees and dearness relief (DR) for 61 lakh pensioners till June 2021 due to the COVID-19 crisis. However, central Govt. employees and pensioners will continue to receive DA and DR, respectively, at the current rate of 17% till June 30, 2021.