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IT union complains against Pune wipro for benchmarking employees

According to a report published in, Maharashtra-based IT union, National Information Technology Employees Senate (NITES) has written to the Pune labour commissioner complaining against Wipro that  that company has started benchmarking the employee which include those working in the travel and hospitality vertical of Wipro’s BPO segment, to which company has denied and termed it as malicious rumor as company has no retrenchment plans.

In the complaint, the union  has said, “On behalf of NITES, Maharashtra we would like to bring to your notice that we have received complaints from employees of Wipro BPO Pune Phase 2 Hinjewadi regarding putting employees on bench to maintain profitability of business under COVID-19 pandemic.The company has also notified the employees on April 23, 2020 that they are on bench with immediate effect. Because of this, pay and jobs of more than 300 employees are at risk,”

 The employees who have been benched recently continue to receive their salaries but fear looms large on them is unable to find projects in near future.