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Industries putting hard to bring change in workers behaviour at shop floor

With further lock down extension up to 14th may and relaxations provided to industries to operate with certain guidelines, it is proving a hard task for HR heads and operations managers to make workers accept such guidelines while working in factories.

The rules of maintaining social distancing, washing hands frequently, using sanitizers at every stage and keeping masks even after duty is off and maintaining the same norms even after duty is off, are enough to create signs of mental anxiety and irritation among workers who have not been in habit of this changed work behaviours and life style, thanks to  Covid.

 The main challenge according to HR Heads and plant managers is to keep workers morale high, engaged and motivated and make them understand the benefits of these healthy habits of social distancing and sanitizing frequently. They have never been accustomed to such behaviours. Since long they have been in habit of holding hands together, patting the back of each other, sharing foods while eating together, smoking and taking tea snacks collectively during breaks. They are away from families also. In such environment of fear and over discipline, workers are feeling isolated and lonely. The concept of social distancing something very new and strange to them as since childhood, they have  always seen and experiencing the  social togetherness and cohesiveness .

 We have increased the communication with them, counselling them and even taking help of counsellors in the evening after duty is off to keep them normal. It is more difficult when it comes to contractual unskilled workers. Telling them repeatedly to keep his mask, sanitize, wash his hands and maintain social distancing is becoming a herculean task. They just want to know one thing how long this will continue? “We are afraid that the workers might not start getting panic attacks”, said one HR head. Adapting to such guidelines in terms of changed work behaviour is more difficult in case of construction workers started working on sites.

 The worry before the HR heads of some organisations is that the changed work behaviour is going to stay even after the lock down is lifted and things start becoming normal. It may break down workers psychologically as this all like foreign behaviour to them. The challenge to make them accept this was done only to keep them safe and healthy.