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Vistara Airlines asks senior employees to go on unpaid leave

Vistara airlines has asked its  mid and senior level employees to go  on  unpaid leave for three days between April 15 and April 30 as a measure to preserve jobs and conserve cash flow, according to its CEO announcement. The move has come when country prime minister has urged companies not to sack them during this period and be sensitive to them while extending the lockdown period up to 3rd may.


For the period between 15- 30 April 2020, about 30% of Vistara’s workforce will take leave  without pay of one to three days, depending on employment grades. Senior employees have to remain for three days unpaid leave. This decision does not impact the remainder 70% of Vistara staff,” according to vistara .


 It will be implemented at three levels.  While the first grade will take 3 days’ leave without pay, the next grade level will take two days’ leave without pay and the third grade will have to take a day off with no pay.


The airline had  introduced this unpaid leave without pay for up to three days also between April 1 and April 14 for the same level of senior employees.  In total for april month such set employees will be on up to 6 days unpaid leave. Out of around 4000 employees this will affect only around 1200 employees. Remaining will be unaffected.