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For Amazon staff, retirement not on shopping cart

Launches ‘rekindle 2.0’ to help women relaunch their career after a break

Clinching a job with Amazon India is certainly no walk in the park, with candidates having to go through up to 12 rounds of screening.


However, the silver lining is that, once in, the candidate can stay on for as long as he/she likes, or so it seems, because unlike most organisations, which retire their employees at 58 or 60 years of age, Amazon India has set no retirement age for its employees.


Also, Amazon India has some interesting initiatives on diversity and inclusion.

So, if you are a woman or a person with a disability (PWD) or belong to the LGBTQ+ community or have prematurely retired from the Army and are looking to join the corporate workforce, then Amazon is only too ready to give you a chance to qualify for any of its job vacancies.


Amazon currently employs 62,000 people in the country and a peek at the Amazon India job portal today revealed that there are 1,367 job listings for Bengaluru alone, for job roles like Financial Analyst, Quality Assurance Engineer, HR Ops Admin, Production Designer, Senior Business Analyst, and Software Development Engineer. The portal also had 43 job listings for Delhi, 295 for Chennai and 119 for Mumbai.


“My goal at Amazon India is to have an employee base that is as diverse as our customer base,” Deepti Varma, Director HR, India and Middle East, at Amazon told BusinessLine. She said, globally 40 per cent of Amazon’s workforce is women, and that percentage is mirrored in India.


Diversity initiatives

“We hire a lot of PWDs — we pioneered the ‘Silent Delivery Station’ which is almost completely managed by people with hearing and speech disabilities and opened the second one in Mumbai with our partner. Both these stations employ more than 30 such delivery associates.


“Glamazon, our affinity group for the LGBTQ+, plays a pivotal role in helping all employees to come out of the closet and feel more included. We have employed double digit numbers of transgender people across various levels at Amazon.


“We also have a programme for the officer cadre of the Indian Military who opt for premature retirement, that helps them transition from the war zone to the corporate zone and have hired them for roles in Operations, Security, Project Management and Process Improvement, among others.”


Amazon relaunched ‘rekindle 2.0,’ an initiative designed to help women coming back from extended breaks to renew, rebuild and rekindle their corporate careers. First launched in March 2017, the programme was not successful in helping women balance their career and family lives.


At the relaunch here today, Amazon interacted with over 40 women. The programme will be extended to Chennai and Hyderabad and based on the response, will be rolled out in other cities.


“This time around, the programme is being launched across a variety of tech and non-tech roles where these women will work on live projects for 6 months or more to begin with and later transition into full time roles,” said Varma.