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S Chakraborty appointed Head HR & A. Vice President at Osource India Pvt. Ltd.

With about 26 years of experience in HR, S Chakraborty has now joined Osource India Pvt. Ltd. appointed as Head HR & A. Vice President. Prior to this appointment S Chakraborty was with BitChemy Ventures as Global CHRO for about 3 years. He has also been with Corporate Dossier India and Renault India Pvt Ltd.


Chakraborty is a HR Professional with focus on adding value and being a business partner, often cited as a pioneer in retention of Critial Positions and critical talent, Sumendra’s experience in startups has predominantly been of cross border in nature. Sumendra has successfully identified leaders for large Indian groups, multinational conglomerates and start–up ventures who in turn have created successful multibillion dollar organisations. Sumendra has been trained internationally in the latest methodologies in Talent Management, Business Transformation, Competency Targeting/Mapping, Strategic Goal Setting, Change Management and Leadership thru Performance Management.