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white-collar employees enters gig market



India Inc is getting to like the gig model of white-collar workforce. More companies are keen to hire part-timers, freelancers and flexi-time talent. Companies expect to see independent talent comprise over 15% of their workforce in the next 5 years, according to research from Flexing It, a gig platform. The research findings are based on its report 'Crafting a Strong Freelancer Value Proposition', that had responses from over 50 organisations and over 560 freelancers, exclusively shared with ET.


Chandrika Pasricha, Founder & CEO, Flexing It: "Over 90% of both organisations and consultants agree on the strategic value and impact of freelance talent. The best consultants are highly sought-after experts who are helping organisations drive business priorities."



93% organisations now show a high degree of comfort to leverage flexible talent for strategic work and carve out the roles and responsibilities clearly


53% of the consultants surveyed have been freelancing for less than 2 years


41% women freelancers work remotely and 71% work on a part-time basis. This makes independent work a core strategy to reverse India’s falling Labour Force Participation Rate (LFPR) for women


39% freelancers work for large multinational companies while 15% work for start-ups


79% have more than 10 years of experience; 33% have over 21 years of experience


90% of the projects that freelancers worked on were of strategic priority




Consulting and strategy for small projects


Industry expertise (for example, solving supply chain problems for e-commerce)


Newer age skills (UI/UX), analytics and data science


For core support functions like HR (diversity, HR processes, finance and legal)



Currently business teams are driving the decision and process to hire freelancers (64%), on an as-needed basis, and with limited involvement of HR


Referral (networks) is the number one source of talent/projects, with flexible talent platforms rapidly emerging as a key source (20%) and a channel that is expected to grow meaningfully in the coming years



31% freelancers don’t get a premium over permanent employees despite the lack of other benefits


34% of the organisations surveyed said incentives or rewards were provided to consultants while only 20% of freelancers quoted receiving such benefits


40%+ freelancers indicated that they do not get nonmonetary benefits; Disparity in perception as 75% of business leaders said benefits were offered

Source: ET