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Labour Law Digest, 2019

V.K. Kharbanda & Vipul Kharbanda

Designation : -   Law Publishing

Organization : -  Labour Law Digest (2016)


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For every legal professional dealing with labour matters, it is necessary to keep a track on various judgments delivered by Hon’ble Supreme court and various High courts. Though these are published in various journals but to have handy reference on the various subjects is difficult and time consuming task. The Editors have taken up this task and in continuation of earlier labour law digest series from 1923 to 2018, the next one for the year 2019 in now published. The compilation is very exhaustive.

The chief objective of the book appears to make available the gist of court judgments cover entire gamut of labour laws subject before employers, industries, trade unions and advocates all those concerned with labour and industrial disputes. The analytical study of latest cases on subjects include Award, Bonus, Contract labour, disciplinary proceedings, Industrial disputes, gratuity, strike, Lay off, Closure, Lock out etc, The topics covered are under various Acts Like Factories Act, Industrial Disputes Act, Minimum Wages Act,  Employees Compensation Act etc.The topics have been alphabetically arranged. The exhaustive list of contents of the subject dealt with is also given. Parallel reference of different law journals and reports make the more relevant and useful.

The book is informative, authentic, dependable and beneficial to all concerned who are interested in updating on labour issues.