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Labour Law Digest 2018

V.K. Kharbanda & Vipul Kharbanda

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Organization : -  Labour Law Digest (2016)


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Our country has made great advancement in trade, business and industry. The number of establishments has swelled enormously. Disputes and frictions between employers and employees have naturally become the order of the day. Problems relating to strike, lock-out, lay-off, closure, suspension, retrenchment, dismissal, disciplinary proceedings, reinstatement, wages and allowances, bonus, gratuity, etc. need expeditious solutions. Many Industrial and Labour Legislations have been enacted by the Central and the State Government for the welfare of labour and industry.

The judicial pronouncements by the Supreme Court and High Courts are reported in numerous official and non-official journals and Government Gazettes and the like with the result that their quick reference is a difficult and tedious affair. To facilitate this, we have brought forth this publication ‘Labour Law Digest (2018)’ in continuation of our earlier Labour Law Digests from 1923 to 2017. The compilation is exhaustive and has been edited by eminent authors in a lucid, concise, and easily understandable style or ready reference.

The chief object of this book is to place before the employers, employees, trade unions and those concerned with labour and industrial disputes, an analytical study of latest cases on topics such as Award, Bonus, Punishment, Disciplinary Proceedings, Gratuity, Lay-off, Lock-out, Retrenchment, Strike, Wages under various industrial enactments like the Industrial Disputes Act, Factories Act, Minimum Wages Act, Employees’ Compensation Act, etc.