Article (October-2019)


L&D - A sound in vacuum

Pramod Kumar Tripathi

Designation : -   AGM - HR

Organization : -  Bajaj Energy Limited


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1. Learning and development of human capital should be a steady process in an organization. To expand a competitive advantage, company should outlook training broadly, as a way to create intellectual capital. Training activity is carried out for development of employees for changing the culture, continuous learning, understanding the entire work system including the relationships vertically and horizontally.

In this case, Kamya should have taken availability of participants one day before training program followed by discussion with HOD's who has nominated the person to present on training day. If any deviation is noticed she should have requested for replacing person from same department or sub-section to condense the absentees degree in the program. The entire episode creates a perception that HODs are not interested in making a culture of learning organization. Kamya has made all efforts to execute the said training more and more meaningful but non-support of deptt. heads concluded to a failure of the program. Here, the commitment of higher management towards T&D seems to be very meagre & road map of organisation to develop talents and skill that groom the work force is also under a question mark. The HOD's non willingness towards training program is not a good sign for a healthy organisation. They are not serious about the training and their ROI will give a negative impact in future prospective.

2. Simply No. Organising learning programmes are based on TNI of employee on cyclically basis for which a co-ordination between employees, HODs and Management should be properly aligned before the program is fixed to avoid any failure of participants reporting as scheduled. She should first self analyse the root cause for not sending of participants or engaging alternate person by the departmental heads. Afterwards, she may sort out the matter with all departments by emphasizing that programme was arranged for their individual growth and development. Further, she could meet with HR Head and get apprise him about the scenario and other subsidiary aspects and impacts. Organisation culture cannot be changed with a single line epitome. While creating a healthy environment, imbibing a will to learning approach amongst the all workforce, a dedicated effort is required rather getting frustrated. Learning ability measure has become more decisive in growth oriented organisation, but here it's a just a touch sign.

3. Here, HR head has erred by shooting an email to all concerned HOD's. The language used in the mail is not acceptable though he sketch out the bearing pain of Kamya. Firstly, he should have discussed the issue and reasons with concerned HOD's and participants as well (who were either on leave or outside duty with the necessity of company affair) rather straight way shooting an e mail with intimation to CEO. He should  chart their road map on L&D issue or constructing a strapping personal development plan (PDP) which get properly re-evaluate with help of all stake holders and then a yearly training calendar formulated and circulated to all HOD's. It could bind them ethically and professionally as well. The languages used in the email sensitised the whole climate of company and constrained the CEO to interrupt in the matter immediately. The responsibility to develop a healthy & friendly working atmosphere lies not only upon HR Dept. but CEO and all others as well.

4. CEO has taken it very seriously since the language used by HR head was incredibly discourteous as participants were performing their pre-assigned job effectively. The humiliation felt by departmental head may lead to affect the production, productivity, loyalty, repute in the marketplace questioning the sustainable growth of organisation for which CEO may be conscientious. To avoid this situation the CEO has responded without failure and tried to give a message to all that the way and the will of communication draw on by HR head is not agreeable by company and scrutinize with prompt efforts. The instantaneous intervention of higher management leads a lesson for all. The CEO response in this case is not beyond belief.
5. The HR head should attend the meeting with complete reasons, merits, non intrinsic worth and futuristic approach on L&D with clear intention of his e-mail and should also try to get in favour to all concerned. He should also elaborate the tireless efforts of Kamya, Learning & Development Incharge and her attempts to make the Training program more purposeful. He should also converse with CEO & HODs by using a last word of apology (if hurted anyone) in a very formal manner. The HR head should try to get aware all attendee about the training objectives, design, its effectiveness, measurable learning objectives & evaluation which plays an important role in planning and choosing a training method, monitoring the training program and suggesting changes to the training design process.

It is rightly said "an Organization ability to learn and translate that learning into actions rapidly is the ultimate competitive advantage-Jack Welch."