Article (April-2018)


Knowledge Management

A.B. Kar

Designation : -   Publisher

Organization : -  Viva Books Private Limited


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At this juncture of progress and prosperity in the world, there is hardly any scope to adhere to stereotyped ideas in respect of technology, techniques, systems and procedures. The bottom line is to survive on global competition with all-round innovation, incubation and inclusion. Knowledge management has a major role in this. Here, this book by A.B. Kar captures the relevance.
The book is a comprehensive account of the application of knowledge in resolving organizational issues. This is a new paradigm in managing the affairs of any organization. The case studies, from real life experiences by the author, amply justify the viability of knowledge application in the organizations. The book brings in different classification of knowledge, i.e. tacit, explicit and embedded categories, and their influences on knowledge management in the organizational context. The brain-mind dialogue drives the comprehension of the different parameters of knowledge with resultant application strategy. This is highlighted in the discussions. The author, recalling his exposure to various organizations in India and abroad, has introduced the concept of a separate knowledge stream, called ‘embedded knowledge’, which evolves mainly from prevailing organizational culture. The author argues that knowledge management is an opening of new horizons to sustain progress prosperity and intellectual superiority of the organization.