Article (January-2018)


It was a leader failure

Pramod Kumar Tripathi

Designation : -   AGM - HR

Organization : -  Bajaj Energy Limited


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Work station association's twitch with frankness and reverence but then over a period of time and with interaction through the task system, they change. And they are unable to come together and ease the tension, something we advocate very easily to others. A study facts out that having sturdier bonds with folks at workplace is reasonably significant as it helps to be more resourceful, resilient during tough periods. People in power are frequently found mortified of rude supervision. A study also says that recipients of mistreatment can flip the situation, shift the balance of power and turn manipulation to re-conciliation. Organization performance can only be increased when employees become more accountable.
Sublimed Ice berg: Modern Industries Limited has a reputation in the market for producing trained expert graduate engineers by offering two years expounded training program. The trained engineers are doing quite well in their expertise areas within the organization as well as out - side. There was a policy to recognize the individual's contribution in the organization growth and accordingly, they rewarded in form of promotion and additional monetary benefit in annual appraisal cycle. Mr. Vipul was one of them who have completed his training in 2017 and placed in the production department under supervision of Mr. Joshi who is heading the department. Mr. Joshi has a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering with rich and 25 years extensive experience with excellent performance record. Mr. Vipul was performing very well in the field of assigned job with creative activities, but having a feeling that his boss possess lesser qualification & comparing with himself, such feeling lead him towards arrogance, disobedience and unnecessary argument on petty matters. There are many factors involved while elaborating the reasons how the brilliant engineer became DEADWOOD? Firstly, his superior Mr. Joshi has grumble about the superfluous technical arguments on small matters, secondly, Mr. Vipul has been evaluated as normal in his annual PMS though it's purely based on arguments issue with Mr. Joshi, thirdly, he has not been promoted while transferring to other functional deptt. These all reasons de-motivated him and made non-productive.
Traits behind treasure: For smooth and result oriented operation in an organization, team building and bonding are necessary on track of respect, trust and mutual understanding to each other without feeling of hierarchy, if one team member has a good knowledge/skill to solve the technical issues, freedom to exchange of view/idea is to be provided and exploration based on merits and demerit of task for taking right decisions and its implementation should be imbibed. Indulging into argument with seniors in work place denotes only disobedience. The workplace climate has dominant factors which brought him twisted. Mr. Vipul's argument on every petty matters and existing relationship with Mr. Joshi had sensitized him to resort to/act an arrogant behaviour at work place.
Growth deprived of Grooming: Mr. Joshi should utilize Vipul by allocating intricate work with intelligent outlook for better productivity. Prima facie, Mr. Joshi has not properly handled the sensitive & intelligent engineer. A bridge of effective communication should be plotted and day to day monitoring should be planned to avoid such consequences. Mr. Joshi did not applaud the talent and skill nor counselled him on technical issues by applying his vast experience. Here breaches by Mr. Joshi are apparent.
Tenacity turn taut: Mr. Vipul was expert in production related activities but he was transferred to other department where he was not comfortable to execute the work properly, resulting in to his deteriorated performance which compelled him to look into another option. Subsequently he succeeded to explore scholarship for study in abroad. YES, before transfer to alternative department, an get - together should have been conducted with Mr. Joshi, Mr. Vipul, HR Head & General Manager, to discuss in length the reasons/exigency of individual that company needs to resolve the issue. The inner feeling, intuition and other allied subjects pertains to situation undoubtedly diminutive the level of discomfort of Mr. Vipul.
Prejudice purports wishy-washy: Mr. Joshi was probably well aware about his competency and his complaints related to arguments that have compelled the management to stop the increments of Mr. Vipul. The Management has taken it as disobedience and accordingly decided to withhold his increment. Mr. Joshi should indulge into proper utilization of available human resources instead of with holding the increment which resulted into degrading the morale of team and may affect the company reputation in industrial arena.
Imperative role of leader is to adequately developing the team member & equip them to be competent, to deliver the predictable outcome. Mr. Joshi must distinguish that team member would not comprehend his potential, unless, a very strong bond exist between him and organization. Mr. Joshi should shape a robust bond and association with team member that would build poise and steadier engagement of all members in the team. A leader has to spend adequate time with the employee to have a concrete plan for regular, high quality and frequent interaction with most of the team members.
It is clear that the leader Mr. Joshi did not travel adequately to the arena to spend meaningful time with team of people in listening to and communicating with their team members.
It is rightly said that "Entire water of the sea can't sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship, similarly, negativity of the world can't put you down unless you allow it to get inside."