Article (July-2018)


It is SHE!

Anil Kaushik

Designation : -   Chief Editor

Organization : -  Business Manager


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Everyone can see writing on the wall of corporate world. She is quite visible. She has carved the niche of her own. Yes! Women in HR are making a difference. Although number may dwindle at highest level of HR but still women in HR profession hold the employment edge. Females are not limiting to one specific role. In last few years they have increasingly made felt their presence by unique traits in all areas, be it sales, marketing, IT, finance, manufacturing, quality, R&D and what not. At each layer in business organisation, they are there.
HR function has evolved over past few years. In hard competitive business environment where technological disruptions are making their way, the function has shifted from administrative to transactional to transformative to strategic. HR is gaining more strategic and analytical roles where women have successfully emerged because of having duo skills of understanding how people deliver and also how to embrace technological advancements to take data driven decisions. This wonderful ability of blending skills has made women in HR leadership roles distinct, thus, making a positive and powerful impact.
There is no doubt that women have faced and continue to face various challenges posed before them at social, family and work front. What has significantly changed is that women have accepted these challenges as normal and have learnt to handle them intelligently rather converted such challenges in to opportunities and proved their ability. They have not sought any discount on account of peculiar challenges which males do not face.
Before concluding on the list of women HR leaders of 2018, BM has interacted informally to many Industry HR experts including women at top in HR positions to understand the common strengths and specific inherent skills, women have, which helped them to reach at top positions. Some of them revealed are working hard with dedication, honesty and integrity to self and organisation, recognising own strengths and weaknesses, attitude of never giving up with high degree of patience, high adaptability to embrace changes and excelling in multitasking.
When interacted with many employees who have their women HR bosses in organisations, they indicated that she is excellent counsellor, keen observer, compassionate and empathetic, soft communicator, flexible and sensitive. 
Women HR leaders of this anniversary issue, with which BM also enters in to 21st year of flawless publication every month, represent a variety of industries and entreprenureship challenges. All have their own professional and personal journey full of sweet and sour experiences, which are enough to show path for next generation women in HR.
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