Article (February-2021)


It is begining of new HR

Subir Verma

Designation : -   Head HR & IR

Organization : -  Tata Power DDL, Delhi


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Enjoy life when you have. Each heart beat should be celebrated, each breath we take should be cherished and each moment of life should be lived, as it will never come back. Year 2020 has forced us to take a pause, think and redefine the meaning of life and how it should be lived. The year has taught us lessons which no book could.

If I ask you, would you like to discard the year 2020 from your life? Most of you will says, yes! The year 2020 has started on a beautiful note. Then, March came and our life changed! We faced situation which was unpredictable and everything looked so uncertain. It truly reflected, how fragile and unpredictable life is.

Like everything else, it changed the workplace, possibly forever. There is paradigm shift in the way we think about leadership, culture, business, future and employees. All debates about importance of HR, and future of HR vanished. HR truly stood the test of times and was in forefront in managing the change for the companies along with other leaders.

I see this as beginning of new HR.

Work from home, adopting technology, managing productivity, remote engagement, employee wellness, employee experience, diversity mix and many more are few way forward for HR in 2021. Here are few things which I think will be the landscape for HR in 2021.

1. Collaborative Leadership and Culture :

Leaders and HR of most companies, especially in tradition sector never believed in remote working and they always felt more comfortable with all employees being physically present in office. Even the most conventional leaders too have started accepting the advantage of work from home not only due to its advantage for companies but also for employee, environment and social eco system. This pandemic has done probability one of the best change management corporate world has seen.

2.    Focus on Life, Business will follow :

New normal is going to be way of life. I am not only saying this for COVID situation but this pandemic has made organization aware and pushed them to think and prepare for unknown, uncertain times of similar or any new situation in future. Organization are preparing for employees and workforce safety of different scenarios by assessing business continuity and workforce place safety. Wearing mask, social distancing temperature check, hand sanitiser are going to continue in short term, but what is important is that even after COVID situation is over, companies will be on guard for any new uncertain, unknown situation in future and this in my opinion is the biggest learning.

3. Moving from Employee Engagement to Family Engagement :

We saw people moving stranded in difficult situation and all they wanted is to go home so that they can be with their near and dear ones. Family is what driver employees and is the biggest motivation for any employee to come to work. I believe, for an employee to give their best at work, not only employee engagement but family engagement in true sense needs to be the focussed by HR.

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