Article (March-2018)


Introduction to Business Ethics

Vivek Viswan V., M.M. Sulphey

Designation : -   Foreign Exchange Management And International Finance

Organization : -  Publisher : Viva Books Pvt. Ltd.


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Ethics is one of the most dynamic and evolutionary subject. The factors affecting ethics vary across circumstances and geographies. With an evolving society, one often regularly encounters new ethical dilemmas. This is the same case with organisation.
The authors have come up with comprehensive analysis of the theories and practices of ethics with a special focus on business ethics in this book. In the initial chapters, different aspects of value formation including its interrelationship with ethics are discussed. The book throws light on the various determinants of ethics, ethical theories, including ethical climate, ethical culture and ethical dilemma. Determinants of ethics, categories, measuring of ethical orientation in various scenarios and businesses are discussed. The book puts emphasis on business ethics, and the features, principles, scope, factors and benefits o business ethics are subjected to a thorough analysis. The ethical dilemma and decision models for individual and corporate structures are analysed in this book. Various elements, approaches and phases of organisational ethics along with models for organisational code of ethics are also discussed in detail. The authors also throw light on specific ethical issues in various sub-levels in an organization such as finance, human resource management, and marketing, with suitable illustrations. The unethical practices in the field of research are also gone through. The various aspects of corporate social responsibility and law and its effect on personal and business ethics are elucidated. A brief account of international ethics along with various approaches is also included in the book. The recent developments in ethics such as virtual teams, whistleblowers, intellectual property rights, social audits, workplace spirituality, etc. are also explained.