Article (March-2018)


Internal interruption by intimate

Pramod Kumar Tripathi

Designation : -   AGM - HR

Organization : -  Bajaj Energy Limited


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Diagonal dependency
Mr. Rana as a President of trade union of the territory, has a widen area to deal with people from worker to management by taking appropriate & wise decision based on facts of the incidence happened surrounding him. He has also maintained good relations with management, influence and command over the workers, his feebleness is dependency on Mr. Mohan to draft communications with establishment, authority and trade unions members. Mr. Mohan knew that Mr. Rana can't go against him whatever he decides to do. Besides that Mr. Mohan is holding post of secretary of trade union as well as a worker of Auto Life Components Ltd., who misbehaves, abuses and disobeys to his supervisor Mr. Menon publically without any reason and misled workers to go on strike. Mr. Mohan deliberately acted like this to bring attention of the management towards pending charter of demand of trade union. The way chosen by him is not good in manner and liable to punishment up to the termination of his services further as assessed by Mr. Rana, President of Trade Union. Mr. Mohan has even decided to overlook his Union Leader while making the conspiracy for strike for not considering the charter of demand by management. Mr. Mohan's role as conspirator and trying to establish own so called supremacy exhibits his attitude of authoritarian which is not a good sign for trade union as well as Co. where he is working.   
Derailment of decision
Mr. D'Souza is plant manager, who is very competent in managing the things professionally. On information, he has called Mr. Menon in his room, briefed the situation to him and asked for solution. Mr. Menon opined that since production loss can't be afforded at this time and to fulfil the supply commitment, Mr. Mohan should apologise and whole episode will be closed. Mr. D'Souza felt relaxed on finding solution in sight. 
Mr. Rana asked Mr. Mohan to apologise to Mr. Menon but he did not agree to do so. Finally, Mr. Rana offered himself to apologise to Mr. Menon on behalf of Mr. Mohan to resolve the issue created by Mr. Mohan. Plant Head Mr. D'Souza communicated the same to Mr. Menon but he is not satisfied by such apology and commented why Mr. Rana is apologising? He has not done anything wrong. Mohan's behaviour and act is not acceptable by any management and even his doing of misconduct with seniors of the Co. and hiding the strategy of strike to President of Trade Union. Plant Head Mr. D'Souza should have called a meeting with Mr. Rana, President of Trade Union (TU) and Mr. Mohan also with a warning as to how he has called strike in Co. without knowledge of president of TU and simultaneously, a disciplinary action should be initiated to punish him for violating the Code of Conduct/standing orders whatever is applied. Mr. D'Souza is just transmitting the conversation to both parties where as he should have compelled to Mr. Mohan for his written apology as well as serve notice for misconduct and take proper disciplinary action against Mr. Mohan, which would give a strong message among the all workers. Secondly, Mr. D'Souza should call a open session of workers and give them message that Mr. Mohan is going on wrong path and misleading to management & Trade Union leaders as well all workers for charter of demand.
Decision derives the deadline
Mr. Menon had to focus on production since it relates to revenue generation and simultaneously, try to initiate disciplinary action against Mr. Mohan in close coordination with Mr. D'Souza & HR as well to avoid repetition of misconduct by any worker inside the factory premises. Mr. Mohan's conspiracy to create nuisance inside and provoking the workers for organising and going on strike would be hitting back in negative for his own professional journey. Mr. Menon is knowing that the misconduct committed by Mr. Mohan would never diminish the image of his own working style rather than he would be liable for punitive action, (if initiated in a proper manner). Mr. Menon has never bothered for his own insult, but given priority to production and committed towards customers requirement which shows full of loyalty, obligations and proactive approach towards organizational needs.