Article (November-2018)


Imbalance of Ecosystems

Pramod Kumar Tripathi

Designation : -   AGM - HR

Organization : -  Bajaj Energy Limited


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It is truly said "Do the very best you can;  then put up your umbrella and keep the rain of criticism from running down the back of your neck."
Heading with Headache : Mr. Rawat, the CEO (Logistiikka International, a Finnish MNC operating from India) had heartfelt distress after reading the negative comments on Glassdoor, a website designed for feedback of Company progress and other prospective by existing & former employee. This kind of negative comments arise, when the ecosystems of the Company get into imbalance. There are so many factors intricate in this kind of undesirable comments showered by someone in glassdoor and simultaneously, CEO is compelled to get into root cause analysis by calling their two experienced professionals, Mr. Sharma HR Head & Mr. Chopra, Head Operation. They were not in position to retort their remarks and outlook on the comments by someone against CEO on Glassdoor.
Once Henry ford said "if there is one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person's point of view and see things from that person's angle as well as from your own."
In this whole episode, the reflection of CEO working style "work getting increased rather than getting sorted out in his office" exhibits and encircled questions on his leadership style, work culture and engagement of employees resulting in deleterious comments.
Being Leader of the Logistiikka International, Mr. Rawat has to explore, imbibe and achieve greater satisfaction for the employee by integrating business, social and personal fulfilments. He was famed for dissipating the time with comments of 5 minutes jobs that's not appropriate for a leader and probably, this kind of traits adoptions had outcome of negative comments against him. Mr. Rawat should always interact with employee through a frequent Town hall meeting and dig up the feedback accordingly. We call it as Leadership deficit. Organization needs to develop a unique blend of leader who has a social heart and a business brain. This case reveals that the leadership of Mr. Rawat in terms of people management having no bandwidth & the overall score on quality of leadership is not good. Mr. Rawat should also maintain his dignity not to express himself as swear spoken and should be keen to know the opinion of people and HR head about him.
Occupy with Occupation : As far as Mr. Sharma, HR Head is concerned; it appears that he was acting as mute spectator. Being HR Head, the essence of employees sensitivity should be first designed, diagnosed & divulged by him. Mr. Sharma is a seasoned HR professional having good academic record, wide experience & exposure. Mr. Sharma was himself got selected by Mr. Rawat, so naturally he might have seen the desired traits and assessed his excellence, performance and communication skill etc. during the interview process. Despite this, the CEO expectations to HR Head for changing the mind set of employee and making a positive culture is un-touched. The reasons may be gap of communication and lack of exploration towards employee engagement activities.
The manner and way of discussion Mr. Sharma had in corridor where people are sitting and doing their daily job as well as executives are passing through might have listen the conversation. It cannot be appreciated. HR head's role is like a guardian, who is responsible to take care of employees related issues and provide healthy working atmosphere, facilitate to develop human strength for consistent result & long association of people with organization.
Leaders Learnings : The shoulder of responsibility goes to CEO & HR head for building an extraordinary team and have got to light the "fire in their bellies", to get them to feel appetite about the company and connect to the leader's vision and expectation. Mr. Rawat & Mr. Sharma, to become a good leader, should be open to take feedback about own as a leader and align it with their own to others interpretation as first step. If they (CEO & HR Head) sense that traits don't match what other think, then they should look at little deeper and be honest with feedback. Sometimes our first response is defensive. They should continually assess their own charisma and never stop growing, personally or professionally. It should be with a passion and feel in the heart, that creates so much enthusiasm in the team to jump on board.
To avoid such kind of work culture, it would be responsibility and pivotal role of duo to carry out smooth survey on chemistry of employee and their expectations from organization to revamp it as early, need to maintain high degree of discipline, decorum & discussion in well - mannered way to create a great place to work in all domain of corporate life.