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HR to develop a work culture of win-win for both

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How do you see and define new age labour relations? How it differs from old age industrial relations dynamics, thought process and action approach?
VS Personally, I believe that for any organization its employees are the most valuable asset. The more you value your employee, the productive employee will be. And this belief is highly valued and time tested.
Human Resource is fast evolving field. Labour relations have been a fundamental function of human resource since inception and it has radically evolved over time. The significance of industrial relations is facing a number of challenges as it goes through number of changes, the first being the role of trade union are declining due to which collective bargaining shrinks which leaves a sense of dissatisfaction among workmen. Earlier Employees were lagging behind in term of knowledge about their rights, but now with digital media, everything is in reach of employee. There are a number of means by which employee voice is heard, through government, non - government organizations and civic assemblies.
Organizations have radically changed the way of managing labour relations with an approach of pro-activeness for welfare of employees by hearing their voices though surveys and acting upon their needs.
Do you think that Trade unions are slowly becoming irrelevant in this age of knowledge and digital economy, and if so, and what corrections they should make in their approach and perspective to stay relevant?
VS Trade unions have played a very important part in evolving the employment condition of labour but in present scenario they are becoming irrelevant because HR professionals are already working with hands - on approach for welfare of labour by using the latest technological trends available in the market. In this digital era, trade unions have to adopt new mechanisms that can extract the need of the community, which can be acted upon. With adopting new ways a new robust system can be build, helping both the employees at large and the employer.
In order to reinforce its relevance, trade unions need to include new actors, cover a wider range of issues and adopt a multi - level approach which incorporates both local and global dimensions. Unions have to dash for the untouched themes, which are present in the system but can't be seen or heard. The unions have to work hand in hand with organizations for betterment of workmen by adopting policies identical to labour policies adhered globally.
Is Labour Day representing origin of collectivism losing its shine and if yes, why?
VS Labour Day encourages the model of perfect work life balance for every workman i.e. workman should work for eight hours, and rest for family and social life. It is celebrated to mark the achievements of workers' rights of dignity. At present, the labour day is delineating it's embark. The day's importance lies in the dreadful times that workers in saw when regarding straining work hours, poor working conditions and wages and child labour. In India Labour day is also referred as May Day which was first celebrated on May 1, 1923, after the Labour Kisan Party of Hindustan initiated and Malayapuram Singaravelu Chettiar steered the festival after his fight for the rights of backward classes, passed a resolution stating the government should allow everybody a national holiday on Labour Day.
In manufacturing sector, will robotics going to impact blue collar jobs negatively and if yes, what Proactive steps HR  should take in advance to maintain a fine balance in job opportunities and technology advancements?
VS To some extent, Robotics has impacted the blue collar jobs, but the competency of human being cannot be matched. Therefore, we must believe that Robotics can transform human working style but cannot replace human. As we all know that robots works on Artificial Intelligence with fixed set of instructions, they do not have their own set of skills or knowledge. AI cannot replace the wisdom of a human being, as it does not evolve over time unless an abnormality is recorded and fed to the AI. While a human can rectify abnormality by his sense of judgment, robot can't. Now this is where the HR department of an organization comes into picture. It is the prime responsibility of HR department to develop a balanced system where Robotics will act as helping hand to blue collar worker; this will help in transforming in the business model and working conditions as well.
How do you evaluate the objectivity and impact of labour reforms undertaken by Govt. on labour relations?
VS From the past few years the Government is working actively towards reforming the labour relations. They are using digital platform as an anchor for the betterment of labour relations. On a greater scheme, digital media has been used as a weapon to spread causes for social justice and equality.   The steps taken by government have hugely impacted the labour relations in a positive way. The steps taken by government are helping in shaping a strong system for labour relations. The basic fundamental of labour relations refers to the laws, duties/rights of employer and employee. Unlike in previous days, the labour relations are much better now and have transformed positively impacting the relation between employee and employer. At the outset, I would like to say Government is acting as a bridge for a building effective and efficient environment for both stakeholders.
How dignity of job and respect for labour is enhanced in the industry?
VS The evolution of working conditions and rights for worker over the years have significantly dignified the job and also helped the labour in living a respected life. The employers are proactively working to improve the working conditions for the labour. The Employers are heavily investing upon the pro-active safety measurements which are the basic need of Industry for any workman. The steps taken for digitalization of payments to workman have impacted hugely, as now they can keep track of their contributions and take the facilities available to them. With digitalization of wage payment, the employer cannot delay in payment hence the workman gets salary on time and meet his basic social demands.
How do you evaluate the emerging scenario of labour management relationship in India?
VS In current scenario, the relationship between management and labour has improved significantly over the years. This is made happen due to the positive attitude of employers and approach to improve. The labour relationship management has resulted in improved productivity, improvement in product and service quality, workplace health and safety. When employees have positive attitude towards organization they provide greater input into the production process for a good or service, the quality increases. Worker health and safety has been a major goal of labour relation management. A safer workplace benefits an organization as it reduces worker compensation costs, absenteeism, health insurance costs and productivity. In the current scenario the employers are pushing hard for continuously improving the conditions for their labour, even government is helping the organizations in implementing policies regarding welfare of labour. Today we are moving towards a very good culture, where there is win - win situation for employee and employer both, as both are getting what they need.
What qualities would you expect to see in modern HR managers that embrace ER skills and any message from you to the younger HR generation?
VS The basic and foremost skills required for HR managers to embrace ER skills should be willingness to have proactive approach for continual improvement of working conditions. The basic rule of labour relations is to make the working conditions better, as under better working conditions employees are more productive.
Ambition should be the key quality for any HR professional working in ER. Motivated and self - driven professionals are best for any organization. Employees who are ambitious toil hard and exceed their own excellence at work. HRD deals with the most valuable asset of any organization, professional needs to self - driven to embark new strategies and hammer upon the existing issues. The most important aspect is a positive attitude, a positive person brings in winners attitude. A person with positive attitude can stand up to failure and competition with confidence and hence has the capability to change the dynamics and making a better environment.