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Vipul Saxena book on employee engagement is set to launch

Globally, Industry have been re-engineering its management strategy over past 4 decades to achieve best performance & competitive advantage. Over the years the Management strategy evolved from Productivity focus, moved on to Quality focus, to Customer Satisfaction focus and lastly ended at key factor focus termed as "Employee Engagement".

Erstwhile management strategies were purely mathematical/technical/Process oriented and gave good momentum to improved Organisational performance in terms of Productivity, Quality, and Customer Satisfaction resulting into improved profitability. While the Employee Engagement relates to Human behaviour which is highly dynamic due to being based on Demography, Industry, Geography, Socio-Political situation etc making this achieve desired Employee Engagement levels most complicated corporate challenge globally.

As of now is Employee Engagement is being tackled by adopting/adapting policies from contemporary industry etc which in most cases have not achieved the objectives in most cases.

The Book "Employee Engagement- A recipe to boost Organisational Performance" a well researched (qualitative & quantitative research) offers very pragmatic solution to deal with achieving desired Employee Engagement levels.

Vipul Saxena is a Technocrat & PhD in Organisation Behaviour is a seasoned HR professional having rich Industry experience of spear heading HR function globally. He has authored this book using scientifically acquired & analysed data of sample size of over 1000 respondents spread across industries and established a "Conceptual Model".