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Talent shortage cripples data science and AI jobs: Report

More than 50,000 jobs in data science and machine learning are lying vacant due to shortage of qualified talent, says an industry report. "India lacks massively when it comes to talent in data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence," Hari Krishnan Nair, co-founder of Great Learning, said. "With more and more jobs increasingly becoming data-driven, the need of the hour is for professionals to up-skill themselves to stay relevant." 
The primary reason for the demand supply gap, according to Nair, is that the kinds of projects companies are implementing require a higher order of data skills that do not exist. "What 
people learn in colleges is not in sync with what is being used in industry," he said. "Most of these individuals passed out a while back. Now a lot of things are getting automated; newer 
opportunities are coming up. That is where there is a dearth of talent." Source:ET