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Anomaly in date of birth force workers to forgo PF deposits

Due to stringent conditions imposed by the EPFO for accepting DoB of workers in its notice issued in 2005, lakhs of employees, especially workers in the informal sector, are being forced to forgo their hard-earned Provident Fund because of anomalies in their Date of Birth (DoB).
An estimated Rs 50,000 crore of PF is lying unclaimed with the PF authorities.
While a part of this money is unclaimed owing to 
contributors being either dead or just forgetting about it, a large amount belongs to those from rural areas who are illiterate and do not know their date of births.
The date of birth mentioned in the employment records of the employer often come in conflict with the DoB given in the Aadhaar card or Voter ID, prompting EPFO to reject their claims,"said Ashok Ghosh of the United Trades union Congress (UTUC).
The UTUC has recently written a letter to the 
minister of labour, Santosh Gangwar to allow workers to make necessary ratification in their DoBs and get their PF and pension claims.
Source: DNA