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Aparna Between U & Me book launched

After 'Reality Bytes - The Role of HR in Today's World', in English and Hindi, Aparna Sharma's second book, 'Between U & Me', is an endeavor to share with the readers, 'extraordinary lessons' from the lives of 'ordinary people'.
All of us encounter obstacles or face challenges in our lives. As the challenges become complex, quite naturally, we feel the need for motivation. While self - help and inspirational books are available aplenty, most of them sketch the journey of the who's who or celebrities whose advice, though genuine, is difficult to follow for common people. "But why does one need to take inspiration from celebrities alone?" asks Aparna Sharma. Since it is human nature to share and learn from others, why not seek advice from 'ordinary' but experienced people around us, who can guide us effectively and practically to resolve our problems?
It is with this thought that Aparna has written the book, 'Between U & Me'. What makes Aparna Sharma's book stand out is that unlike the norm, she does not use the lives of famous personalities to draw inspiration. Rather, the book portrays the real-life stories of the people around her, who have inspired her and made a positive difference to her life - from her educational to personal and professional life. The protagonists of this book, are so-called 'ordinary' people, but each is an achiever in his/her own right. In simple, lucid language, they have chronicled their life journeys, the circumstances and the challenges they faced with tenacity to reach the pinnacles of success, for the benefit of the readers.
They also freely share their hard - earned wisdom, with the earnest hope that the readers would absorb and apply it to achieve an accomplished and fulfilling life.
From Smt. Vimla Patil, an octogenarian former editor of Femina, the first English women's magazine in India, to Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai, an author, educationist & an entrepreneur who applies the ancient knowledge given by Chanakya to the business world, to Vandana Jadhav, a household help, tested by circumstances but firm in spirit, to Dhyanshree Shailesh, a young, guitar-strumming renunciate, they span generations and are from different age groups and strata of society. However, the common thread that runs between them is, their attitude towards life and the fact that the transformation they brought in their lives, began with themselves.
The stories in this book cover a gamut of challenges that life offers-ranging from those faced by working women to sole breadwinners to those of a spiritual nature. Each reader will find in the book, something that will resonate with his/her life, either personal or professional, making it a must-read for people of all ages, as well as a wonderful gift. Interspersed with highlighted learning, the book will give the reader valuable lessons that they can apply to overcome the twists and turns of life. More importantly, the reader can revisit the book any time he/she feels the need for much-required encouragement. The book is published by Vishwakarma Publications.