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Acharya Devendra Nath Sharma Birth Centenary Activity at Ranchi

An All India Seminar (the second event in the series) was organised by the Ranchi University, Jharkhand, in collaboration with DK International Foundation on the 21st and 22nd of July, 2017 as a part of the Birth Centenary Celebrations of Acharya Devendra Nath Sharma. That a very large numbers of scholars braved inclement weather to attend, in significant numbers, was a heart warming testimony of their commitment to scholarship and values that Acharya Sharma stood for.

The Seminar was ‘Alankar Shastra ki Parampara aur Alankar Muktavali’ (The Traditions of Poetics) and “Alankar Muktavali” (one of Acharya Sharma’s classic books) on the first day and ‘Puranon ki kathaa’ (Stories of Puranas) on the second day. Clearly, like few things which epotimed Acharyajee’s approach to everything the first day was a scholastic explorations and the second gave the Indian antecedents of the present craft of story telling in the field of skill formation.

The inaugural session in the morning was followed by paper reading sessions in the afternoon and the forenoon of the next day. Senior scholars like Prof. Ram Ashish Pandey, Prof. Maya Prasad, Prof. Jungbahadur Pandey, Prof. Ashok Priyadarshi and others presided over various sessions. Worth mentioning was a paper presented by Prof. Tarakant Shukla, Head of the department of Sanskrit at Vinoba Bhave University, Hazaribagh on Acharya Devendra Nath Sharma’s original and unique interpretation of the definition of poetry given by Bhamaha in Kavyalankara.

The valedictory session had the Pro Vice Chancellor of Ranchi University Prof. Kamini Kumar as the Chief Guest. Prof. Amar Kumar Chaudhary, Registrar of Ranchi University was the guest of honour in the session which was presided over by Prof. Vindhyavasini Nandan Pandey, Dean of the faculty of Arts.