Article (February-2021)


HR needs to focus on leadership and constant re-skilling at individual level

Dr. D. Prasanth Nair

Designation : -   Co-founder

Organization : -  Asynithis (Indus Partners), Mumbai


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How do you see the HR Landscape in 2021?

DP Organizations and HR leaders experienced once in a lifetime situation in 2020 - for some organizations, survival itself was difficult and for some others, they had to adapt fast to a "New Normal" of working. The pandemic induced changes brought into effect or forced organizations to reimagine and reinvent the organization ecosystem including processes, systems, structure and terms that defined relationship with people, some of which will be a feature of organizations going forward.

The three key changes that will take place will create a FIT Organization - (F)lexible Organization ecosystem, (I)nnovation and Performance Expectations and (T)echnology penetration and digital transformation.

Flexible Organization Ecosystem : Organizations in 2021 will be more open to flexible organization structure, different forms of employment like Gig, part time among others, changes to policies to facilitate working from anywhere/hybrid working among others.

Innovation and Performance Expectations : Given that the Darwinian struggle has also intensified along with index of unpredictability, organizations will need to think differently in value creation. This will create a huge premium on individual and organization performance. This is expected to shape the individual's relationship with organization- and will manifest in a situation where degree of control or influence exercised by individual or organization continues to reduce.

Technology penetration and digital transformation : With the combination of technological devices, advent of artificial intelligence and acceleration of computing power, data has emerged as the new differentiator. The pandemic has accelerated the use of tech and helped expand the use of technology into all possible segments. While on one side, it opens market opportunities, on the other side, it also acts as an important factor in organization design and dynamics. Digital transformation has less to do with technology, it is in fact a cultural transformational journey which includes change in mindset, operating mode, and ways of working, all of which needs workforce to be aware and adequately skilled about the same.

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