Article (February-2021)


HR has to start focusing and nurturing value adding culture

Sanjeev Sharan

Designation : -   Director HR

Organization : -  ZTE Telecom India, Gurgaon


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How do you see the HR landscape in 2021?

SS 2021 will be remembered as another interesting year in history something like post World War 2 which caused Economic & Geo-Political changes. These changes play long term impact on HR and People practices. They will be felt in 2021 and later also.

Change in Geo-Political-economic relations will see change in foreign investments thus impacting Job and industry. Few countries will see higher investments from China, whereas others find increased investment from other Western countries. India has big opportunity to see investment boost thus impacting better job market.

"While Employees Safety" was prime focus of 2020, 2021 will be the year of "Revive Organization by partnering employees" to bring business back on track.

Culturally It will be year of "Mindset" change in business and people practices, with stakeholders accepting it. One has to accept that 2021 is different than 2019.

Roles change : Technology and New methods of business will bring in Redundancy to some roles and on the other hand rew roles will come up.

Employment type : There will shift in employment type, with rise in Gig opportunity. Few existing permanent roles will shift to Gig type giving freedom to both employee as well as employer.

HR has opportunity to come up with Gig intensive policies.

Performance evaluation and training will be another interesting area for new mindset. Remote with Hybrid Management is throwing up serious need "up skilling" "evaluation skill" of Managers.

Compensation structuring will be an area of change with Flexi structure becoming popular with organizations linking it to "success".

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