Article (May-2021)


Holistic Approach

Vinod Bidwaik

Designation : -   CHRO & Vice President - HR

Organization : -  Alfa Laval India Private Limited, Pune


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As per one of the researches almost 60% employee are disengaged because of different reasons. Employee is the crucial element in the growth of the business. There are multiple dimensions of employee engagement, however managers and organisations don’t take a holistic approach to employee engagement.

The author has captured some elements of employee engagement. There are some good examples with stories which will give you a different insight.

This book is a compilation of hard hitting answers of the biggest dilemmas of HR practitioners while creating the cultural where employees are engaged and satisfied… This topic is an ever ending topic for the discussion. The author has rightly covered all aspects of Employee Engagement in a holistics way. Organisation are at varied levels in their people processes and practices and so the HR professions have varying understanding from low to exceptionally best. The author has aptly penned his thoughts coming from his rich vast experiences.

Traditional beliefs held that we should manage the workplace from the standpoint that people will always dislike work, and when they are at work, they will always want to be somewhere else. For years, organisations have attempted to measure and understand employee opinions in an attempt to understand great workplaces. Much of the outcome has been discovering what a great workplace is not, versus what it is. Companies have emerged from one consulting project after another with all the “don’t’ do’s” and “quick fixes” and have still struggled to observe much sustainable change.

It can be intersting for aspiring HR professionals and working HR professionals to invest their 20-30 minutes and be aptly informed on the concept in the form of short read with valuable insights and contemporary scenarios.

You will find awesome practical and hands-on tips on Employee Engagement. It can be applied in any organisation which wants to improve the work climate. Author has explained the difficult subject in a very easy way which makes it easy to practice.