Article (June-2018)


Holistic Approach to Employee Engagement

Vinod Bidwaik

Designation : -   CHRO & Vice President - HR

Organization : -  Alfa Laval India Private Limited, Pune


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Employee engagement is the crucial element in the growth of the business. There are multiple dimensions of employee engagement; however managers and organizations don’t take holistic approach to employee engagement.
When you administer the employee engagement survey, you will find the career development is lowest score in any organization. In this book, author has captured some elements of employee engagement. There are some good examples with stories which will give you a different insight.
In this book, author starts with the story of blinds and elephants, which builds very good context of the subject. He explains that employee engagement is psychological connection between employee and the organization/manager. If the organization works on building this connection by implementing comprehensive HR practices, connection becomes, easy, faster and long lasting. He also gave some examples of how to interpret between the lines when exit interviews are taken.
This book “Holistic Approach to Employee Engagement” is full of tools and tips embedded in experience and stories. Every Manager should read the book.