Article (July-2019)


He, who cares for organization interest, must be protected

Bhaskar Dhariwal

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"When we treat people merely as they are, they will remain as they are. When we treat them as if they were what they should be, they will become what they should be". Many organizations do have their one of the core Value as "Respect for each other", but it is a big question whether we live that value in true a sense?, when it comes to the discussion on a policy related issue between a senior employee in designation and junior employee, practically this is the time when the true values of the organization reflects.

In many cases it is seen that, when it comes for on a discussion with senior and junior on a particular topic and if in case, junior is correct and if the professional upbringing/personality trait of the senior does not allow that junior can also add value to any subject, or senior feels unable to put his point logically, the last option to safeguard his/her ego is to end the discussion by saying that "You do not respect the Seniors."

Such type of personalities are termed as an absurd personalities who are really challenging and tough to deal with, for many Junior professionals. In whole process of winning and losing the ego game, ultimately affects the whole culture of the organization.

Leadership team must focus on enabling the culture of mutual respect, irrespective of any designation/role, by taking following initiatives at workplace and as a custodian of the policies, procedures and building the healthy work environment HR must play his own role in ensuring the followings :

  • Treat people with courtesy, politeness, and kindness.
  • Encourage co-workers to express opinions and ideas.
  • Listen to what others have to say before expressing your viewpoint.
  • Use peoples' ideas to change or improve work.
  • Create an environment for learning to agree on any disagreement.
If we assess the role and behavior of both marketing Head and Vishnu following are the traits comes out :

Coming to the second point of heated argument between Marketing head and Vishnu, physical assault in any means is not at all acceptable from such a senior level person. Mere questioning/Cross Checking the documents should not be treated as a provocation. As the policy was signed in the presence of Financial Controller & Vishnu, most probably Marketing head might not have clarity on the new policy and this would have led to provocation.

Marketing Head could have follow the below mentioned way to address the whole issue :

1. He could have asked for the copy of new guidelines.

2. If still not convinced, then Financial Controller, Vishnu, & Marketing head all could have a meeting and resolve the issue.

3. Being a senior Marketing head, could have ask Mr. Vishnu to help him in completing all the paper work for processing the bills.

4. At any cost employees must not be demeaned, due to their level in organization.

If we evaluate the behavior of Mr. Vishnu, following personality traits can be drawn :

1. Firm and strict while implementation of Policy/Guideline in true sense.

2. Being Junior cannot be a criteria for deciding the quality of job, so in all sense Vishnu was correct.

3. Vishnu was following the core quality of finance person :

  • Going by Rule Book.
  • Very much particular in stuff.
4. But, if we see the flip side of Vishnu's behavior, too much dependency on Rule book is also some time not appropriate for the organization, if any kind of confusion is there, one must be open for discussion on a particular subject, in consultation/involving their senior and may arrive on solution.

At the end, again suspending Vishnu, reflects the real culture of the organization. As it is already mentioned, that, HR must play a neutral role in these kind of issues and should promote the culture of mutual respect, irrespective of any designation.

As a HR Head of the Organization, one must follow the principles of Natural Justice, while proceeding for disciplinary enquiry. As Marketing Head was equally responsible for spoiling the culture of the organization by getting himself indulged into manhandling with junior, provoking the Junior to reciprocate in same way, as an HR Head, I would have escalated the matter the higher level, and would have followed the fair & firm approach, while proceeding for disciplinary proceedings, in place of suspending Mr. Vishnu for performing his job HONESTLY.