Article (February-2017)


Going to recruit through social media? Understand it well first...

Rupeksha Jain

Designation : -   CEO and Founder

Organization : -  GroomIndia, Mumbai


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I just interviewed a few international candidates for my academy on Skype and was marvelling how the HR methods have evolved over the years. Certainly, the world has gone digital and a major chunk is ruled by social media. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn penetration is one of the highest in the world; almost everyone is on these networking sites. Renowned industry sources reveal that in 2012, there was a rise of tech companies using social recruiting applications to find and screen applicants. As more companies saw value in filling jobs by putting them on the social platforms where millions of people spend at least 37 minutes daily, there developed a much larger focus on social recruiting among the talent acquisition and HR community. The benefits of recruiting through social media centres around it are cost effective and time saving. Further, the organizations can reach out to more potential candidates and target more accurately. This combination of reach at the same time wider and more targeted approach is very interesting for recruiting organisations. However, one needs to be careful while doing so. Below are certain points HR managers have to bear in mind.

Understand social media tools
Closely monitor an individual but do not over invest your time in it. Social networking companies have made their sites so easy that it's tempting to just start using it without considering how your social media marketing strategy should be deployed in this type of media. Learning how to use social media tools isn't complicated. But it does take time and consistency. It also takes a willingness to experiment until you find out what works for you and the people you're trying to engage.

Brand your organization appropriately
Indulge individuals into interesting conversations rather than simply putting up a post. Ask a few questions, tell stories, give useful insights and the candidate will be willing to be absorbed in your organization. Make your employees, your brand advocates.

Have a relaxed and flexible attitude
When HR professionals are hiring through social media, they need to be aware of the tone they set. They should remember that social media is an informal medium and its use is relatively relaxed. In this context, an open mind is crucial for better selection.

Recruiters should look at an individual as a whole and then use their best judgement together with the advice of senior management.