Article (August-2018)


From mind to heart!

Anil Kaushik

Designation : -   Chief Editor

Organization : -  Business Manager


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When one thinks of team, teamwork or team building in organisation, the first thing comes to mind is a group of talented people with best brains, able to crack any complexity  and deliver results in any given situation. But is it only sufficient for team building and teamwork? These ingredients of a team somehow indicate towards mathematical composition of team. But now in this complex business world, full of ambiguities and uncertainties, business leaders need to think beyond simple mathematical composition of teams, by bringing the element of chemistry in formation and functioning of teams. If productivity and profitability are what organisations are eyeing for, merely working together is not enough-it is also necessary that close bonds are fostered among employees as members of teams.
Chemistry of teamwork is something like moving from minds to hearts of people working in teams. It is something like melting the ice of ego and transforming solid particles into soluble liquids. It's something like mixing the water in to water. It is something like combing the strengths and dissolving them in a new powerful force that drives the teams towards a focused goal. Here comes the likeminded thinking people with eagerness to sacrifice self interests for achieving the organisational goals as team. This chemistry of team produce the attitude of  team and organisation first , individual second in all members, where they tend to think, speak  and act in common language with minimal conflicts.
In teams when one starts moving from relationship to relating with each other, chemistry starts working. When functional expertise or quality blends with attitude of eagerness to give space to others also in team by sacrificing ego, chemistry of team starts bringing superior results. Business leaders must take this responsibility to ensure that teams in their organisations not only have best talents but also an enough elements of chemistry. May be at some point of time most talented person is found a misfit in a team when it comes to blending and bonding because his ego may not allow him to get melted and synced with team objectives. Collaborating and accommodating each other’s different point of ideas, accepting each other’s style, and providing strengths to develop better understanding  with organisational goals is a part of team chemistry. A happy, friendly cohesive team naturally translates to better business results. For a better chemistry, mental well being, physical health and rewards for hard work are important aspects to be focused by HR.
August 2018 cover story talks about chemistry of teamwork with possible issues in current business environment and their solutions too by industry HR experts with varied perspectives. Very interesting!
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