Silver Jubilee Celebration offer – Free Download July 2022 issue

This edition cover story is on how to build a better work culture. Corporate HR honchos, management thinkers and mentors share their experience based on first hand experience and present a blue print.

Building better culture is not only HR’s baby. It belongs to everyone. Believing in core values, sharing the common purpose is something that every one has to own and explicitly demonstrate in their actions. When talent gets attracted towards the organization and customers prefer your product and you command respect in society, then you can say that you have better work culture than others. For this, you need to work in certain areas. Be authentic, be ready to listen to your employees and encourage them to give honest feedback. Be a listening organization, accept mistakes and work collectively to ensure that it does not happens again. When vocal people become silent, it is dangerous. Apart from leaders, everyone should hold himself personally accountable. Leaders must build a psychological safety network around employees to enhance sense of belongingness.

We need to change the mindset towards work culture. It is to be taken as part of business strategy. Strong, transparent and positive work culture does not sustain itself and spread organically. All have to work hard to keep it growing in a desired way. Identify multiple cultural influencers and work on them.

Download the issue and learn about the business disruption, challenges and their implications on talent management, delving into HR practices and technology in these growing organisations.

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