Article (March-2018)


Every Manager Should Know HR

Rakesh Seth

Designation : -   CEO & Chief HR Mentor

Organization : -  REEOCSYYS, Noida


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The book has been designed for two important constituents of an organization HR for HR and HR for Non-HR. Research has shown that managers perform at top gear when they know the nuances of leading and managing Human Resources through policies and principles.
Not in distant future, managers will have to understand the impact of various emerging disruptive technologies which will make an impact on the performance of employees. It is expected talent analytics and big data will be in great demand for leading human resources.
The future belongs to those managers who understand the strengths of Human resources. Those managers will be successful who know how to invite, attract, select, welcome, engage, develop, redeploy, retain, and retire, employees of an organization effectively. For performing these activities creatively managers should demonstrate leadership ability for inspiring, influencing, persuading and directing employees who work with them.
The uniqueness of the book is that it dwells on contemporary issues like managing increasing incivility at the workplace, identifying poor symptoms of underperforming firms, trends in employees’ relationships and departures, disrupting HR technologies, selection of CEOs mid career crisis, the significance of designations and how to hand over job offer letters.
By dividing the book in seven parts author addresses those concerns of managers which they need to know while performing their duties. The aim of each part is to provide a perspective about diagnosis of HR dimension in situations that involve people.