Article (September-2017)


Entrepreneurship is all about taking risk!

Radhika Mukherji

Designation : -   Co-founder & CEO

Organization : -  Happydemic, Mumbai


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Zindagi badi honi chahiye, lambi nahi!
It's not just a dialogue, but more of a mantra for life. After all, that's what we all are here for, to live a meaningful and memorable life. One driven by dreams and not needs. One decorated with pride and humbled by satisfaction.

Entrepreneurship is one such shot at our dreams. 
I believe that entrepreneurship is like a movie. Someone somewhere starts with a vision and then slowly people come together, playing their own specialised roles contributing to the success of that vision.

Happydemic is India's one of its kind digital platform for discovering and engaging some amazing performing arts talent which also caters to customised entertainment options. We have singers, poets etc who register on our platform and we then connect them with right audiences. The beauty of this idea is that it's a melting pot of dreams. Ours and our artists' and trust me, there is no bigger joy than helping someone realise their dream. That's what drives me & my team. So today, I will share some insights and learning from this journey of mine which may help you in navigating your own.

Risk to Spiderman bhi leta hai!
Entrepreneurship is a choice, one, which is tough for most of the time and hence very demanding. It is a journey which starts with a very pleasant and fancy landscape of the destination but you soon realise that the road to the destination may not just be less travelled but there may be no such road at all. And that's when you make the first biggest decision of your journey - that to take a risk! But risk nahi liya to kya kiya? We built Happydemic to actually organise a disorganised sector. I had to learn to answer questions that didn't have an answer but the thing that I had was the ability and hunger to learn. I read day and night books after books.

Duniya ko jo namumkin lage, vahi mauka hota hai, kartab dikhane ka!
The journey begins and you start facing a lot of hurdles, the most painful of which, is when people start questioning the very basis of your dream. The questions they ask sometimes hit your very belief system. Kya zarurat hai ye karne ki? Risky hai ye sab. Kuch conventional kar lo etc etc. So, never give up in your initial days kyunki aap ek mauka bana rahe hain duniya ko apna kartab dikhane ka.

Chulhe se roti nikale ke liye chimte ko apna mooh jalana he padta hai!
The journey moves forward and now its level two of challenges. This level is called struggle. Whenever we start to achieve something, we will always encounter hurdles. Don't lose hope. Get up and get back to your dream. Work harder, smarter and your work should show courage. Himmat batai nahi, dikhai jati hai. Raste badlo nahi, banao. Don't let obstacles pull you down. Trust me, the joy of winning a war after losing few battles is insane. Milestones - small or big, they all need to be cherished and celebrated. It inspires you to strive for the next one. One small pat on the back, a compliment, a satisfactory performance, they all deserve appreciation. Bhale hi vo victory kitni bhi choti ho, vo aap ki kamai hui hai! So learn to be happy. Bade bade spano mein choti choti mushkil aati rehti hai!

The first 3 months of launching Happydemic we had no work, my team came and told me "Radhika what do we do?" I told them if work doesn't come to us, we need to go find work. The process of lead generation started, cold mailing and corporates, we started down up and dirtied our hands. Today we have 36 visionary corporates on board.
Dosti vo hoti hai jo jeena sikhaye, marna nahi!

Friends. Friends are not just people, they are our lifeline. And it is very important to surround yourself with friends and people who have faith in your dream. Ones, who share your vision and strive to make it true, just like true friends, you need people around who act like a mirror, showing the true inner reflection, making you wiser and courageous with every passing second. Entrepreneurship needs the power of self - belief every day and you need people who infuse life in your dream to encourage you to overcome difficulties and not get intimidated by them. Har ek friend zaruri hota hai aur entrepreneurship mein sacche dost, zaruri hote hain! Amar is not only my business partner and a close friend; he's also in a way my mentor. I'm happy to have him around me; together we have built an honest, transparent and a systematic organisation. We make sure that ideas don't follow only top down and we have built a very strong team.

Rishte mein to hum tumhare baap lagte hain, naam hai Shehenshah!
Self confidence and an attitude to kill, that's what makes an entrepreneur click. In pursuit of your dream, you will come across situations, people or both which will try and bring you down. You will meet many who will stuff you with gyan till the time you start feeling suffocated. Don't listen to them. Have faith in yourself and keep moving ahead. Just be cautious that self - confidence should not be mistaken with arrogance. Rest will be all fine. People have a tendency to first reject a new idea and then follow it once they see it establishing. Lead them to glory!

Kabhi kabhi jeet ne ke liye kuch haarna bhi padta hai ... aur haar kar jeetne waale ko baazigar kehte hai.
Be a baazigar in life. Don't crib about what could not happen rather be happy about the learning that you took from it. Be excited to explore new things. Be audacious to dream bigger when the first attempt gives no result. Failure is not an end, it's a start to a new beginning so go full throttle and make sure you transform a failure into a stepping stone towards success. We have had cases where we have failed miserably but instead of brushing them away we turned them into used cases for our business for us. At Happydemic it is not important who went wrong but to see what went wrong!

Khiladi tha ... ab pura khel hoon
Innovate. Don't try and be a 'one-more'. Your proposition needs to be such that it instantly clicks with people. Sometimes, you need to altogether change the game rather than just play by the rules. Be creative in approaching a problem. Infuse a fresh perspective which changes the way people look at certain things in life. Make a difference by what you are creating and people will join you in numbers that you won't be able to imagine. Change the game and rule the ring! I don't consider myself as an entrepreneur but an innovator.

Zinda hai woh log joh maut se takrate hai ... murdon se battar hai woh log joh maut se ghabrate hai
Never fear. From anything or anyone. Fear is the biggest reason for assured failure. The day you start fearing you will lose confidence to win. Your strength will start eroding for no reason. The fear of what may go wrong will never let the hope of success come forth and empower you. Let fear know that you are too strong for it. Let the world know that you are not one of those who will kneel down but a lion at heart who will roar fear away. There is life in hope and death in fear. Live on!

Think big and different. Win or learn, never lose. Dare when others fear. Be the captain of your fate not a servant to it. Fuel your greatness with criticism and negativity. Never, ever give up!
Entrepreneurship is all about doing what others won't to achieve what others can't.