Article (November-2019)


Energick Healing

Chittranjan N. Daftuar

Designation : -   D.Litt., CMD, Salahkaar Consultants & Psychometric Incorporated

Organization : -  Pune


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A psychologist's take on healing

Are you tired of going to your GP every two weeks to get the same tests done and the same medicines prescribed without any change in your health condition? Then Dr. Chittaranjan Daftuar's new book might just be the perfect read for you. To put it straight, it's an invention and a kind of revolution in medical sciences, an entirely new way of treating some of the untreatable diseases.

Prof. Chittaranjan N. Daftuar (D.Litt) is a psychologist based in Pune, with an ever-growing interest in human health and well-being. In his book 'EnergicK Healing', he has elaborately described the role of Chakras, Aura and 'Energy Healing' in the treatment and healing of various diseases. Some of such diseases are yet untreatable. Much of his treatment systems are based on the hitherto the mostly unknown reality of parts of our unseen nervous system generally known as Meridian (a Chinese discovery).


Reviewed by :  Aishwarya Parkhi