Article (July-2021)


Employees Survival kit for covid

Dr. Bhupendra Kaushal

Designation : -   Head - Manufacturing (HR)

Organization : -  Zydus wellness Limited


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Last year employees lost their job in most of the company or faced pay cuts but Zydus committed to ensure no loss of job or pay cut on account of covid -19. This year employees lost their family members but zydus wellness Limited extended helping hand for them in difficult time. Great organization makes it happen but ill organized wonder how it has happened.

One side there was huge exodus of contractual labor and another side there was acute shortage of labor to run the plant. Management/support staff was expecting work from home like Software Company and another side there was need to stay inside the plant to oversee plant operation. Lockdown created a lot of confusion among the government machineries with respect to promulgation and execution of guideline of red zones/orange zone/Green zone.

Employees were facilitated across the plants and other location to stay heathy, so that they can contribute towards the growth of the organisation. The following preventive measures were taken to ensure smooth operational excellence.

Key Initiatives :

Plants were operational with all safety provisions/preventive guidelines issued from the government of India or local administration with social distancing norms at the workplace. Employees are given various reliefs to run the plant in difficult time as mentioned below :

Provision of special paid leave on account of covid-19 for those who were tested positive and stayed at home for 14 days or 28 days. Get well soon messages were sent as morale booster initiatives beside regular follow up with covid affected employee about their wellbeing in difficult phase in morning meeting with plant review process.

Provision of special paid leave on account of RT-PCR Tests for those who were asked to undergo a test on return from home town/leave on account of LTC/LTA. No employee was allowed to enter plant without RTPCR/HRCT Test.

Employees were arranged remdisivir/virofin injection/vireo shield from Zydus cedilla Limited. Employees were referred to Zydus hospital in critical illness for medical treatment or consultation.

Employee attended online yoga classes/Meditation/Happiness classes while work from home in case of corporate office and factory employee attended in the class rooms.

A survival kit consist of thermos meter, kadha, zink with vitamin-C, Homeopathic medicine - Arsenic Album and carbo veg, oximeter, sanitizer, Mask, were  given to all the employee from white collared  to blue collared irrespective of any rank and file.

Employee were given oxygen cylinders, company vehicles, ambulance in case of hospitalization support required for an employee or his/her family. The provision of oxygen concentrators/oxygen cylinders was available in each plant as standby arrangement.

Special Package :

In case of death of a covid positive employee, a sum of maximum Rs 20,00,000/- shall be paid to his family or 12 month salary for DGM and below. In case of GM and above - 1.5 crore to his/her family.

In case of death of a covid positive employee, Insurance coverage of his/her family for next 03 years shall be continued. A sum of Rs. 7,00,000/- shall be paid to an employee from EDLI under the provident fund and miscellaneous provisions of the act. A sum of Rs. 7,00,000/- shall be paid to the fixed terms employee in case of death arisen out of covid-19.

In case of covid positive employee, a sum of Rs 5000/ = shall be paid for medical expenses beside the provision of salary advance to an employee.

An additional covid-19 top up of Rs 1,00,000/- was provided to each employee in medi claim Policy as a special case for covid positive employees.

Company will provide the educational assistance to the children of deceased employee till graduation level within the India. Although, there is no substitute for loss of human life but family may get some relief to withstand with some financial support in case of distress is seen with humanist approach across all the locations.

Lock down has given wisdom of extending help to human race irrespective of any cast/creed/religion/race to save the human life at work place, family and community at large. A nationalist approach was observed across all the location having multiple initiatives across all the location at one time.

Covid warriors are identified among the employee, who risked their life to attend the workplace instead of proceeding on leave in difficult time. They are given pat on back as reward and recognition initiatives in the organisation.

It was very difficult proposition to strike a balance among all the plants across different states location as Head - Manufacturing (HR) of Zydus wellness Limited. Plants were operational with the cooperation of internal customer with the help of government machineries, who provided curfew passes/various permissions from time to time in trying time.

Dr. Bhupendra Kaushal - Head - Manufacturing ( HR), Zydus wellness Limited, Aligarh