Article (November-2018)


Employee retention key lies with boss

Dr. Ramzan Sama

Designation : -   Asst. Professor

Organization : -  L J Institute of Management Studies, Ahmedabad


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Boss is the second life partner with whom we work and spend a majority of our daily time. Being a human being, our life is surrounded by our family, friends and relatives. Being Indians, we are bit more emotional and tend to attach emotionally with our bosses or colleagues as compared to our counterparts foreigners. In addition to that bosses are the ones with whom we interact very often. Thus, they are also a very integral part of our life. We need to interact and discuss with our bosses almost on daily basis. In that sense, bosses are like our wife without asking her we cannot even drink a glass of water. Moreover, informally our decisions are regularly challenged and questioned by our husband or wife as the case may be. But bosses are the ones who have legitimate power to challenge our professional decision making. Further, they believe that they are more superior than his or her subordinates and in the real sense, in most of the case they are and that's why they are our bosses. Therefore, bosses can make or break your life and career. Bosses can motivate or demotivate you by all means. Bosses can show you career path or can be a hurdle in your career. Bosses can help you out in earning extra money.
Bosses can be your well wisher or hell wisher. Bosses can be friendly or unfriendly. Bosses can filter the pressure and then passes to you or can pass on the pressure as he received from his seniors. Bosses can shield you from all kind of calamities. Bosses can keep a distance from you or can treat you at an equal level. Bosses can be your friend and advice you in solving the personal matter. There can be many reasons for leaving a job like job description (JD), alignment of your interest with JD, working environment, location but bosses are one of the major reasons for quitting jobs.
Thus, here a definite answer is "YES" employees do leave bosses rather than organisations. Therefore, if bosses are friendly, cooperative, flexible and mentor rather than boss then it gives subordinates feeling of family members. Bosses can make the workplace comfortable and enjoyable for their subordinates which turn employees willingly and happily toward the organisations every morning.
It also induces discretionary behaviour of the employee which increases the overall efficiency of the organisations. Further, such environment also reduces the absenteeism at the organisations which can contribute to the overall profit of the organisations. More importantly, good repo with the bosses leads to the job satisfaction and thereby increase the loyalty towards the organisations. This refers to the efforts on high retention and reducing the attrition rate which saves the recruitment costs of the organisations.
A healthy relationship between subordinates and bosses is the heart of the retention strategies for millennial who are very difficult to retain.