Article (November-2018)


Effective Communication The Kambar Way

V. Irai Anbu

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Organization : -  Viva Books Private Limited


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Kamba Ramayanam is an immortal epic by the iconic Tamil poet Kambar. This Tamil version of the Ramayana story, woven into the very fabric of Indian culture, is marked by incomparable poetic allure and lyrical finesse. Embedded in the poetic charm are reflections of major management concepts. The significant presence of non-verbal communication in this epic has been beautifully presented in this seminal work, with a sensitive capture of characters and situations. A notable interdisciplinary link, between a literary classic and the principles of management science.
The study involved an extensive coverage of modern literature on Management, Communication and Psychology; and the concepts and elements of communication (nonverbal communication in particular) were identified and assembled. The researcher studied the entire Kamba Ramayanam epic running to over 10,000 stanzas, selected stanzas and situations reflecting and exemplifying elements of nonverbal communication, collated them in terms of specific elements, and a massive data base was constructed. The main contribution of the study is an attempt to link creative literature and Management concepts in the context of conventional wisdom. The study outlines with appropriate references to the characters and situations in a great literary classic, the linkages with principles and concepts of modern Management. The strength of literature lies in its ability to highlight values and concepts through a nuanced portrayal of characters. A gentle stroke of brush in a literary classic can convey what reams of purple prose in a book on Management cannot. Literature enters our mind through our heart. Its imprint is, therefore, engaging and enduring.