Article (November-2017)


Drive equality to motivate employees in the workplace

Saif Ahmad

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Most people spend half of their time at the workplace. The work environment is highly responsible for your stress level. There is stiff competition all around and the demand of work is high. You have to prove each day that you are worthy of your designation. To dilute the pressure at work, the management needs to make the environment work-friendly and treat employees equal throughout the organization sans any hierarchy. An organization that involve its employees and give them opportunity to express their ideas and thoughts are often more productive. A happy employee is more dedicated and loyal to work than an employee that is not admired in the organization.

During office meetings, when the employer is the only one speaking while everyone else in the room is listening, largely indicates a surpassing level of disengagement between management and the employees. This is not only harmful for the company's growth but also causes a lot of demoralization among people at work. Disengagement in office environment often cost companies a lot of money as employees in such organizations serve for short durations and resign quickly.

Businesses of all sizes rely on a smooth exchange of business-related information - a top down approach for the dissemination of any information. The executives of any company are constantly facing the customers and are the closest to solving their issues. Therefore, they have the best understanding of customer's issues and their say should be taken into consideration. While making strategies, leaders must involve ground level staffs and formulate schemes and strategies as a group.

An environment where everyone is free to converse with anyone in the system irrespective of their position in the company, will allow everybody to work in harmony. So here are some of the important ingredients in making a recipe for a perfect office environment and ensure equilibrium in the workplace.

Freedom of expression
A business or an organization is a result of a good thought expressed and conceptualized. So a positive thought is always worthy of expression and appreciation. An office environment that appreciates the thought process of other employees flourishes better than offices that work on dictatorship. So a platform where everybody can be free to have a one-on-one discussion to develop strategies and ideas that benefit the organization is crucial. An executive should be able to walk up to the CEO and speak his thoughts freely.

Maintaining equilibrium among all
Maintaining a state of equilibrium among all employees is vital for all organizations. A company has a set of policies and rules that it abides by and the rules should not bend for anybody. Nobody can feel under or over-privileged in the workplace. Whether it is a team leader, manager or executive, everybody has and should have equal rights.

Free to adopt your own style
Every person has their own way of doing things. They have their areas of interest and expertise. Some employees like to work in a closed room while there are employees that enjoy a light environment with soft music. When the leverage to work freely in their own style is given to the employees, they are more confident in their work and overall pressure is reduced. This improves productivity. When employees are restricted unnecessarily, they tend to be more resentful and overall productivity is hampered.

Make them feel important
When you feel involved in the bigger picture of the organization rather than just finishing your assigned chores, you feel more important. This increases the energy level of employees and they are ready to walk extra miles for the growth of the company.A small pep-talk from the employer to its staff members boost their enthusiasm and make them work with zeal. A dull workplace has nothing that employees look up to other than the clock that shows the logout time.

Fun activities for employee engagement
A party or team outing every once in a while is a breather every employee is keen about. Workplace should not be boring. If you keep doing your mundane tasks every day, there will not be any enjoyment in work. Organizing fun Fridays, dinner meets, games, movie plan, etc. will encourage employees to work better. The concept of "work hard, party harder" should apply to all workplace to make their employees more productive and friendly with each other.

Platform for employees to come together
Though an employee spends most of their time at work, still they hardly get to interact with other employees. Everybody is so absorbed in their own set of work that even the person sitting in the next bay is a stranger. To have a corporate exclusive platform where people can get involved and have personal connects with people within their workspace is something every office must have. Personal attachment with people reduces bad competition and makes them more cordial with each other. Colleagues better understand the meaning of teamwork and office environment is much lighter.

A platform like this will allow employees of all rank to come together and let their thoughts flow without any judgment and constraints. Interaction becomes a lot easier and work becomes a lot more fun.