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Disruption in HR

Anil Kaushik

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While looking back of HR trends that have disrupted HR function  this year, certainly it will be agreed by one and all that technology has penetrated much deeper in HR processes and systems that have the capability of changing the landscape of HR functioning. It has significantly changed how HR departments operate. We are at the beginning of disruptive change in the HR world.

Emergence of gig economy, challenge of talent acquisition, employee engagement, performance management, moving towards making HR function more agile and growing usage of artificial intelligence have been the areas where HR had to put maximum focus. This is the transition phase of traditional organisations transforming into technology driven organisations where need of HR embracing technology grew much stronger. What we need to see and experience is the translation of technological disruptions in to the world of work. We are experiencing the shift from a set model of fixed pay roll employees to the extended workforce, which we may also call as gig workers where job is unbundled in to pieces of work. Such workforce has no set workplace boundary. The recent temp engagement in thousands for meeting festive demand load by e-commerce companies is the example. The task of talent acquisition, engagement and managing performance have seen the support of technology. It has given the power of connectivity in the hands of organisations making processes more effective and purposeful. AI is continuing to make inroads in talent acquisitions area by streaming recruitment and impacting employee engagement by removing unconscious biases.

Emphasis on shifting to agility through HR for developing agile organisations has also been experienced this year which requires five imperatives to align namely, strategic, performance, relationship, managerial and administrative. To become an agile organisation, since it is not a method or a process but a question of mindset, HR continues to address various challenges in changing the mindset of all stakeholders so that new work culture comes into existence. It is also felt that the concepts of HR that are for today world of work may find misalignment with tomorrow world of work. The struggle to keep HR function relevant for years to come is also continuing.

Dec. 2019 last edition of this year throws light on many such HR trends that have captured or disrupted in the whole year. Experienced Industry and HR professionals share their thoughts on it to pave the way of future as to where we are heading and how to move on.

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