Article (November-2017)


Dictator: Caring with calm and concern!!!!

Pramod Kumar Tripathi

Designation : -   AGM - HR

Organization : -  Bajaj Energy Limited


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Accept it as true or not, the science of managing people is the science of leadership, pure and simple, no more, no less. The leadership style that fits in one may not be in shape for another as they are based on a permutation of situation, beliefs, values and preferences as well as on the business or organizational culture wherein the customs may encourage some styles and discourage others. Mr. Sameer style of leadership possesses a merge of quite a few traits which are academically taught as autocratic, bureaucratic, charismatic, democratic/ participative, laissez - faire, people oriented/ relations - oriented, task - oriented, transactional and transformational etc.

Mr. Khanna's adopted working style of, when  employees would do the job like a family member and will entirely depend on owner's mercy for betterment of their family and have no freedom to express his view & idea, use his talents and maintain separately family issues from workplace. Today everyone likes to be professional and expect reasonable return for his  utilizing his talents for discharging his responsibilities in organized manner. Mr. Sameer Khanna involves himself in employee's personal problem and extends full support in form of financial assistance as well as sharing their moments of happiness & sadness and also participating in cultural program with families of employees which presents motivational scenario when an senior is appearing personally and listening views of family's members in open session.

To some extent, Mr. Sameer is having the traits of autocratic leader which anticipate obedience, not understanding and seeking input from their workforce. It is deliberated by very tiny trust and management relies on threats and negative enforcement to get things done. Though, this style has been criticized dreadfully in the past few decades & also it can be the best suited, when workforce are mainly untrained, insecure & have limited time to get results. In such situation, the concrete decision that comes down from an autocratic leader may be welcomed. Mr. Sameer is also having some tiny traits of democratic leadership which is the referred to as a participative.

Though, Mr. Sameer Khanna, lead the team and take charge by standing frontage and centre and stimulating those who look up to them to perform in ways that are always reaching for excellence. His leadership style seeks to bring about some sort of change so they are characteristically passionate and energetic. Mr. Khanna is also having the attribute of charismatic leader, which has a strong belief in himself and is able to project that onto other, although it's exhibited in some situations only. Mr. Sameer is also having the fewer personas of Chrismatic leadership which concern for their people and they look after their people needs and uses charm to get the admiration of their juniors. Case in point, Mr. Sameer meets with their employees to explore their personal lives & financial health. This style is more individualistic and could vary from person to person - though remaining the same at the core. Mr. Sameer's charismatic style of working equipped him with invariably skill to be a very good judge of people and use his confidence and knowledge to own advantage.

Leaders need to be as dynamic as the different situations they are faced with. Mr. Sameer Khanna has also transactional leadership where a lucid chain of command is recognized. He motivates his engaged workforce by presenting them rewards and punishments. All requirements for a subordinate are clearly stated with corresponding rewards. If they fail to satisfy those requirements, they will receive a corresponding punishment.

These special approaches or "styles" of leadership as shown by Mr. Sameer are based on various assumptions and theories and he did that to enhance the revenue generation & stability of staff in food chain segment. Leadership at the top level in an organization should focus on growth and business strategy to give a vertical direction to the business. Sometimes his enthusiastic personal relations with the employees tend to believe that they care, take unacquainted verdict, more out of emotion than reason. There are two sides of the coin and such decisions usually end up harming or polluting the business environment.

At the present time, the leadership is more to be executed in an energetic way depending on varying state of affairs and changing needs of the team. At times, it takes the way of coaching; sometimes it is executed as visionary and is therefore termed as situational.

Summarily, the traits possessed by Mr. Sameer by virtue of post of president, whether great and fearless or tyrannical and unsupportive or whatever it is, his so called bonding with employee/subordinates to comply his direction with decent manner. He was crystal clear that subordinates will be led to do, consciously or unconsciously whatever he directs & derives from team. In the context of the above business case, Mr. Sameer Khanna is more of an aggressive leader who appears to rely on creation and edifice of emotional and companion bonds with other team members as well as subordinates. According to his traits, if we sum up his vision in terms of leadership style, then it would be "My Decisions- My Actions" come ahead rather than "group comes first". The affiliative style of Mr. Sameer has been proved to be highly successful during the times of relieving from stress and mental trauma of employees, and even at the time of building trust. Mr. Sameer style of connecting with employees essentially put a greater reliance on praise and appreciation to foster performance of the employees.

Mr. Sameer Khanna style of conducting the "lock - in" meeting with all supervisors to a secret location with no chance of escape is literally a unique style which would impact as positive and negative, depending on the employees personal performance and DNA of Co..

Mr. Khanna's saying - "I don't want you to come to work unhappy, upset, or mad about anything, because I don't think you can be totally focused on making money if you're worried" is also a austere message with his own mandate, for all working professional of fast food restaurant. He spate the most considerable part of employees salary above than national average, His idea to play golf with people of his own to gets involved with their personal lives, have a good impinge on employees resulting in longer and unblemished association with Easy to Palate Corporation. By organizing out bound family tour Mr. Khanna  accomplished his ambition by weaving a bond with employees and stays connected with their family members.

As for as working with Mr. Sameer Khanna is concerned, firstly, Gen X or Y generations would feel non productive since they believe in the perception of "work at will" or desire to achieve "too much too soon". Secondly, any strict external message would deviate their desire, style and goes in reverse direction. In the current scenario, the professional are only focusing on the assigned project & pay rather than any other subject.

I would like to end this analysis with an extremely relevant quote by William James - "The art of being wise is knowing what to overlook."