Develop People Managers instead of Task Masters

Develop People Managers instead of Task Masters
Managers need to be more proactive in identification of pre-signs of workplace frustration and should be well equipped to convert them in to positive pressure kind of situation.

How do you describe the workplace frustration and what can be the causes and manifestations of such frustration?

BD Reality is that frustration is something that everyone experiences from time to time. Nurturing your capacity to think clearly by understanding your sentiments and emotions before they spiral out of control is the key.

Workplace frustration can be termed as whatever the situation, which makes someone feel uncomfortable while working or hamper the productivity. Majorly this can be because of following reasons :

  • High level of expectation from the role, by self or by manager.
  • Workplace environment/ Organisation culture.
  • Stretched targets.
  • Due to unavailability of required resources to perform a particular task.
  • Due to supervisor’s behaviour – Over demanding/ Micro managers.
  • Hostile work environment.
  • Negative competition among the teams and colleagues.

If somebody is facing frustration kind of situation, there are some clues by...

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Bhaskar Dharival

is seasoned HR & ER Professional with 18 Years of proven track record in various facets of HR. He is awarded by President of India in the Year 2000* for President Scout and presently associated with SUN Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd., as Site HR & Administration Head Halol, Vadodara Plant.

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