Article (August-2018)


Demonstrating unique value

Dr. Sujaya Banerjee

Designation : -   CEO and Founder

Organization : -  Capstone People Consulting, Mumbai


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How do you define teamwork in contemporary terms?
SB Teamwork begins with being not only responsible for your part of the contribution to the team but feeling accountable for what the team accomplishes collectively. At the bottom in early roles this involves developing and demonstrating collaborative behaviours - as preferred co-worker. It's important the team believes in and enjoys working with you. At next levels it's about demonstrating the unique value that you bring to the team and being respectful of each other besides having the ability to leverage team synergies to accomplish the task on hand. In contemporary teams a lot of this needs to be accomplished virtually which can be a challenge.
What do you think - Is team building/teamwork an art or a science? Do you have ever thought over the chemistry and mathematics of teamwork (please share 
with an anecdote)?
SB Teamwork is both an Art and a Science. The art of influencing and managing across individuals, their aspirations, motivations, expertise and the science of bringing in individual productivity to create new milestones of performance and success. I remember a time we worked across teams to deliver a complex HR technology platform and managed to get everyone involved, engaged and contributing effectively. It was great to see people rise above their silos to let the company win. It was amazing to see the stretch performances. The different kinds of expertise on display and the fervour to achieve the task and set new benchmarks of performance!
What does it really mean to be a team player, in times when virtual teams and robots are taking over the workplace where technology neutralizes the chemistry of teamwork?
SB Demonstrating team spirit involves believing in and committing to the job on hand. Operating with trust, respect and equality is key! In today's age of Robots and other forms of technology taking on mundane parts of the job, it's important to partner with the technology seamlessly to give the customer a seamless experience. Being part of and contributing in virtual teams require an even greater effort to understand, be understood and accept those from diverse backgrounds who support/enable them where required to deliver high performance.